Monday, December 31, 2007

Apple Cake for New Year's Eve

Wooo Pups, Girl Girl, & Wilber

You all know that I enjoy cooking in the kitchen with mom, right? Well, yesterday we decided to cook a little New Year's Eve cake to enjoy tonight with our friends at the Dogs With Blogs Chat and also for my friends who don't attend that party. Hey there is more than enough to go around.

Now, let me back up two steps and tell you a big reason as to why we are making this. See my mom's best friend gave her a cool Christmas gift... a New Bundt Cake Pan. But it is not your everyday ordinary Bundt Cake Pan, it is handmade from pottery. It is beautiful!!! Mom loves how it is a bit quirky and is not a perfect circle. It is more in the shape of an egg. And the colors of the pan match our kitchen perfectly!!! Now, the other thing is that mom's friend gave her two yummy-licious recipes. One is for an Apple Cake (which is resembles a coffee crumb cake in texture and goes great with Coffee!!!) and the other is for a Triple Chocolate cake (which I can't have). Mom decided on the Apple so we can share with all of the pups out there since Chocolate is on the no no list.

So, let's get baking, shall we. Now, keep in mind... if you are drooling on your keyboard throughout these photos, then you need the recipe. Just leave me a comment with your pee-mail and I will send you the recipe.

First, you mix together the flour, sugar, eggs, & vanilla...

Once you do that, you add salt, baking soda, nutmeg, and cinnamon...

Once you mix all of that together, you get something that looks like a firm dough. It kinda looks like crumbs... Mom was really worried that you needed liquid or something, but she stuck to the recipe.

Finally, you add the freshly cut apples and nuts (those are optional) and mix them in. Mom had to use her hands, because it was not a liquidy cake batter.

Oh, there is one more step. You have to put the above into the Bundt Pan! Mom again had to use her fingers to scoop up the batter and place it into the pan.

After I woke from a nap, here is what we have. Mom called me in for a look on my culinary talents.

So, when do I get to taste mom??? I asked her with pleading eyes. She emerged with a nice tasty piece for me to sample. YUMMMMMY! I approve. Good thing you did not add any water since the Apples created the moisture for you.

Let's take a look at the finished product on a plate ready to serve up to all of my friends! Don't worry, I have ice cream if you want some of that on your cake!

So, how did I do???? Do you totally have drool all over the keyboard yet??? It really is an easy recipe. So, if you want it, let me know and I will be glad to pass along. Oh, Zim (and Storm) cooked in the kitchen with their mom yesterday. Check it out!

I really feel blessed to have met you all this year. I look forward to making many more memories with each and every one of you in 2008!!!

Hugs - Sitka (and Tia sends her meows!)

Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Favorite Mailman & Mal Gal

Oh Pups, Girl Girl, and Wilber...

Guess what? When my mailman knocked on the door yesterday, I went bounding to the door to greet him. Mom held my collar and opened the door. They chatted for a second, then he said, "Sitka, you got a package today!" WOW! ME!?!?! Awesome. Who could it possible be from?

Mom sat down the box and I immediately started slobbering all over it. I even tried to bite at the corners to get the box opened...

I know that smell. It is the smell of my best friend, Holly! Oh what a surprise to get mail from Holly. Since my teeth were not cutting into the tape, I asked mom to help me out. Here is my first look inside the box.

Oh, let's check out the red box first, Mom! Inside the red box is a gift for my mom! It is an Eddie Bauer 2007 Coffee Mug with SIBERIANS on it pulling a sled. Sorry this photo does not show the mug in it's glory, but I was so intent on seeing if there was coffee in that mug, ha roooo!!! Holly, Mom loves this mug. She had coffee out of it this morning but did not give me any.

Oh, I smelled a stuffie and I was correct. Lookie! It is a Siberian Husky Stuffie and he has a cute little hat and scarf on. I tried to convince mom that it was MY TOY, but she argued another point - saying that this one needed to be kept with all of the others and remain unstuffed. Hummm.... Let's remind her that the box SAID MY NAME not hers! At least I did get to taste of it some....

Ok, this photo is blurry, but it shows my very intense purpose of OPENING THE BAG OF LAMB EAR TREATS!

I think these may be the best things I have put in my mouth. So yummy... you pups have to get you some of them. (I provided a link above for you, in case you want to try them.)

Oh, Tia asked me to include this photo of her. She would like to inform all of the pups out there that the lamb ears really do smell good. I turned my head to look her way while I was eating my ear and she almost had her head in the bag about to pull one out for herself!

Thank you Holly (and your mom) for the surprise presents! You were so sweet to send us a little something in the mail. Mom and I appreciate it very much!


P.S. Don't forget to read my post below this one about the Dogs with Blogs New Year's Eve/Day Chat!!!!

Around the World International Chat Pawty!!

Dogs with Blogs is having a New Years Eve & Day chat!!!

If you are interested in joining in on the chat, please email Buster at for the top secret chat pawty address!

Ring in the New Year with all your best Doggie Bloggie Buddies!

The Chat Pawty start times:
10 P.M. New Year's Eve - Eastern Standard Time
3 A.M. New Year's Day - UK time
11 A.M. New Year's Day - Singapore Time
1 P.M. New Year's Day - Australia Time

Hope you will join us!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Loving the Holidays...

Well Pups, Girl Girl, & Wilber...

I tell ya - Christmas just keeps getting better each year. Tia and I had a great Christmas and got some nice pressies. Tia received some treats in her stocking. She got some more of those Tasty Temptations. She will do about anything for them. After she ate some treats, she played with some paper!

I received a Bully Stick, a nubbley, and some football treats.


I think the best part of the day... well other than my nubbley cone... was helping Mom to unwrap one of her gifts. Check me out.

Santa Paws was good to mom and dad as well. Here is a photo of Tia who has apparently claimed one of Dad's gifts.

After all of the excitement was over and paper had been shredded, I decided to go check out the mantel again and see if mom forgot anything. And yes, I did shred all of that paper, once it was removed from the pressies.

Nope, she got everything, but I did go to look for Santa Paws. I can't believe that it will be another year before he comes again.

Oh, Tia and I also helped our parents to enjoy some new flannel sheets and comforter on OUR bed that Dad gave to Mom for Christmas. Check us out.

Doesn't it look cozy??? Well I hope you all had a lovely Holiday with your family. I enjoyed spending time with mom and dad and I don't want them to go back to work - especially mom. I still have a few more days with her, however.

Hugs to you all - Sitka

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

Woooo Pups, Girl Girl, and Wilber....

Tia and I (along with Mom and Dad) wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. We hope that whatever you may celebrate that you will be able to do so with your family and friends.

Oh, I also have to show you all a video! Today, mom and I went for a play in the yard (with the long cord). It took me a few minutes to get going, but then I ran circles around mom. Check me out!

Oh, just a few minutes ago, mom taunted me with a stocking stuffer. Here are a few photos from that taunt... and a video of me telling her exactly what I want!!! Let me also add - do you remember mom is on a quest for the perfect Christmas Tree Photo? Well, tonight, I think she got it. Tia is not in it, but we may can Photoshop her in. I am going to tease you and make you wait to see that photo later this week. :)

Many Hugs and Merry Christmas, Sitka (& Tia)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pressies pour moi!

Oh friends... I have been getting quiet a few treats in the mail. MayaMarie and Missy sent Tia and I some treats. I received some yummy cookies and Tia received a fun feathered treat! I am sorry I don't have any photos of that event. Mom's stupid batteries in her camera died! Also, Miss Sunshade and Jaffa sent us some mail too (be on the lookout for some photos of those treats in the next few days). But, I wanted to share with you a package that Miss Khyra sent to Tia, myself AND mom!

So, the man in the big brown truck came to visit me last Wednesday. Mom had to go to dance, so she did not get the package until later that night. Here I am right after mom opened the BIG box!

Inside there were two cards and a bumper sticker (see above photo for the sticker). Don't worry, it has been placed on my Jeep Siberian Utility Vehicle (see below). Oh, to Khyra's mom - My mom could not figure out if it had a back peel to it to put it on the outside of the car... so, we had to put it on the inside. I hate that you can't see it so wee because of the tint. Sigh - humans!

The first card was a birthday card for my mom! The second card was a Christmas card for ME!!! Here I am trying to convince mom I need to take it with me and lay on the sofa.

Now it is time to inspect the inside. Since I had been playing with my nubbley cone, I brought it over for a look inside this big box. What could be in there?

OH MY DOGNESS! Would you look at that... Siberian BEER! And it is all for me!! Well, ok, mom told me it was for her, not me because I am not allowed to have beer (even if I sneak a drop or two every now and then).

Now we are talking - Bully Sticks pour moi!

Oh guess what friends. You know Miss Khyra does not like Khat Khritters... well, she sent Tia some treats. How thoughtful of her. I guess she may like one or two khats after all (Wilber and myself).

Here is a video of Tia and I inspecting the loot!

Oh, and mom was a tad SLACK in giving me my treat. So, finally, today she gave me one. Here I am enjoying it in front of the tree. And we have a bit of a video of me playing with it. I did not toss it like I normally do.

THANK YOU so much Khyra (and her mom) for all of the goodies. You two are SOOO nice and thoughtful. Oh, in a video above, you saw two bottles of wine. Khyra's mom sent that to my mom. Isn't that nice??

Oh, I also want to give a shout out to my granna (my mom's mom). It is her barkday today. Happy Barkday Granna!!! Oh, I almost forgot. My mom wanted to thank everyone for her birthday wishes. She had a great day!

Thank woo again!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Barkday Mom!

Wooo Pups, Wilber, & Girl Girl. Guess what today is? It is my mom's barkday! So, you know what Birthday's mean, right? CAKE!

The best thing about cake is that I get to make it. Ok, so, I had a little help from mom (since Dad was at work), but I was the primary party in this operation.

Hey Ma, I have all my ingredients out, except the oil. Can you get that for me? I can't reach.

Ok, now, we need to mix up our ingredients. I thought it needed some flour! Mom told me that flour was not part of the recipe, but I did not believe her. I told her that this is my baking session and I will add whatever makes me happy.

Mom, we need to add the water

Mom, I think that my tongue and nose do a much better job at mixing in the ingredients. You know I don't like to get my paws dirty.

Mom, Did I do a good job mixing in everything? (Please note the mixture on my face).

Whew, that was alot of work. I then had to wait like FOREVER before that cake was ready. It doesn't take that long when mom makes cookies for me, so why did the darn cake take so long?

Whew! Finally. Here I am with a sampling a piece of this Carrot Cake. Believe me, Tia had some too. Please join me in Wooing Happy Barkday to mom!!! Happy Barkday to woo, Happy Barkday to woo, Happy Barkday dear Mom, Happy Barkday to woo! And many more!!!

I love you mom, and I hope you have a WONDERFUL Barkday today. Everypup, Wilber, & Girl Girl - come on over. There is cake and ice cream for everyone!!! Oh, today is also Eva's Barkday. How cool that she and my mom share the same special day!

Sitka (& Tia)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tongue Twisters....

WOOOO friends...

You need to check out my BFF's blog - Khyra. She did a post yesterday about Six Sitka's Swimming. To quote Echo - HOLY HUSKIES! Wow! I LOVE to swim in my kiddy pool!

So, your challenge today is to successfully say SIX SITKA'S SWIMMING 10 times!!! And you have to pronounce each word, not slur it. I am timing you - GO!

So, how did you do? Did you manage to complete this challenge?

Anyroo.... Be on the lookout for my Birthday post to my mom tomorrow. Oh, also, I started a column to the right listing everyone who has sent a howliday card to Tia and I. I hope that I did not accidentally forget someone's name.

Have a pawsome day!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cards and More Cards

Woo friends...

Wow, I have received so many cards! I wanted to share with you all a few photos of all of my cards! I am continuing with my ribbon method and I bought a wreath like Ruby. I am really appreciative of every one of my cards. Thank woo all! I am adding to my list....

Amber-Mae, Faith, Chloe & Family
Bella, Billy Bob, Kuki, Honey, Leonardo, Chloe the cat
Bentley & Niko
Bt and Fergie
Butchy & Snickers
Chilli, Mikki, Cracker & Bama
Deefor & Arrow
Eddie, Peaches, Bella, & Lady
Frankie & Maddie
Ginger, Sparky, & Crikit
Jake and Just Harry
Harry & Cassidy
Holly, Kona, Monty, Abby, & Samuel
Joe Stains & Tanner
Johann, Gracie, Wolfie, Wiggy
Le Mops & Chewie
Keeley & Erin
Marley & Ziggy
MayaMarie & Missy
Moxie and Izzie
Murphey & Reilley
Noah, Willow, Tess, & Lucy
Opy & Charlie
Ozzie & Rocky
Peanut & Flash
Rascal & Mary-Margaret
Roy & Gwen
Royal, Alki, & Brock
Seadra & Zoe
Scruffy & Lacie
Sherman, Penny, & Lola
Simon, Scarlett, Shelly, Jason, & Jody
Sky, Canyon, & Kelsey Ann
Sparky & Patches
Steve, Kat, & Wilber
Tasha & Eva
The Airechicks
The Hackler Hounds
Tucker (we miss you), Thrawn, Dot, Sam, Bear
Verdi & Gaucho

Anyroo... well, I need to get back to my plans for mom's birthday on Friday. I hope you all have a great Wednesday!!!

Hugs, Sitka

Monday, December 17, 2007

Chilly Weather

WOOO Pups, Wilber, & Girl Girl....

Guess what????? It is finally cold here in Georgia!! Woo Hoo! Yesterday, the high got to 45F (7C). Last night, it was 26F (-3C). Today, I think the high is supposed to get to 55F (12C), but it may not make it there. Tonight, it is going to be 23F (-5). Can you believe it?

Well, mom is home from work all this week AND next week, so after she did what she had to this morning, I told her the afternoon was going to be MY time. So, she put me on my 15 foot leash and out to the backyard we go. So, you may ask yourself why do I get put on a leash when I go in my backyard. Well, I have SELECTIVE HEARING and it is really bad when the temp is under 60F (15C) outside. Mom will call and call and call and the cows MAY come home before I decide to trot back to the porch. So, the 15 foot leash helps her catch me when it is time for me to come inside.

So, anyroo! Mom and I went out in the back yard. I was hoping to get a glance at my neighbordogs. They are rat terriers named Rosco and Mayebell. They are SOOO fun to play with and Rosco will bark and bark at me and I LOVE the attention. While I was outside, I was looking for them. Check out some of these photos....

Here I am running toward the lower end of the yard to look for Rosco and Mayebelle.

Gazing into their backyard....

Oh mom... I did not see them. I guess they are inside where it is warm! But, I am going to keep looking.

Well, that was fun. I think that I am going to settle in for a short nap, then go play outside again!! I hope everyone is having a great day!!! I need to pow-wow with Dad. Mom's birthday is on Friday, so, I need to plan something extra special for her!!!


Friday, December 14, 2007

Present for Me?!?!?!

MEOW... Tia here...

Guess what happened earlier this week? I received a mysterious package in the mail. I knew it was mine because it said TO: TIA. WOW! I got mail with MY name on it and the furry beast's name was NOT on the envelope.

So, Mom helped me open up MY package and I helped her pull out the loot that awaited inside. We went straight for the card. Mom helped me open it since I don't have opposable thumbs. She read the card to me and it was from my FAVORITE Hamsterberian, Girl Girl! Wow, can you believe it friends? Anymeow, Girl Girl sent me a birthday present. Oh, she was VERY kind to include a few gifts for the furry beast as well. Oh Girl Girl, this was such a special gift to get in the mail, especially from such a special Hamsterberian as yourself.

Before I show you all my pressies, I wanted to let you all know of a mystery that Girl Girl and Freda (without knowing) helped Mom and I solve. So, when I received my package from GG, I thought, WOW, she really is on the ball and getting out her mail well in advance since mail can be slow from Singapore to the States (and vice versa). Then, Freda stopped by my (ok, Sitka and my) blog a few days ago and wished me Happy Birthday. So, I scratched my head. I went to the DWB calendar and my birthday is entered TWO times... Once on Dec. 7 and again on Jan 27 (my real birthday). SO... I feel I will have both days as my birthday since I am the QUEEN ... after all, you don't turn 15 but one time. So, on Jan 27th, I will actually turn 15, but I plan (and will) celebrate my birthday from now until then.... starting with these YUMMY SALMON Treats....

Oh everything smells just like Girl Girl!!! Ohhhh, she sent toys....

Here is a video of me playing with my Lobster toy (please excuse my mom's voice).

Moving on, let's talk TREATS!!! Oh my catness! Girl Girl sent these Salmon Sashimi treats and they are the CAT-TASTIC!! Mom has never bought me anything like this before. I was meowing up a storm for mom to give me more more more!

GG sent Sitka some treats too. One was a sweet potato treat. Sitka LOVES sweet potatoes. I desperately wanted to try her treats like she tried to taste mine in the video above, but I fought the urge! The other treats are Salmon Jerky. Sitka said they were great too!

GG even sent mom something. It is this cute little pencil with a cat ontop of it. The cat has dangly arms and feet (errr paws).

Wow, Girl Girl, this was a real surprise to receive these awesome pressies in the email. Thank you so much for helping me jump start my birthday. I really appreciate it!!!


P.S. Anyone who has a photo at the top of your blog - have you had issues with it? Look at mine, it is all scrunched up. I don't know what happened. I have removed the photo, and re added it, and it is still scrunched up. HELP!