Monday, February 26, 2007

Lazy days...

Sorry, I have been absent for almost a week!!! Mom left on Friday morning at 5 am to drive 6 hours south to Tampa for some conference thing that I could not go to. I could not understand why. I stayed at home all weekend with dad and my sister, Tia. We had a pretty lazy weekend. Watching movies, eating good food - ice cream, bratwurst - you know... good things like that.

So, while mom was gone... she got a cough and has lost her voice. She stayed at home today with me. Boy did we have FUN. We stayed in the bed ALL DAY LONG. Mom, Tia, me and SEVEN of my closest TOYS!

Hopefully tomorrow I will have something eventful to post on. Currently, I have tucked in on the sofa behind mom curled up in a little ball - such as this picture to the right.

Hugs to everyone... Sitka

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IndyPindy said...

Hi Sitka! You are very pretty! Hve you joined the Husky Bloggers Ring? If not, come by my blog and join!