Friday, February 16, 2007

Sitka's other family...

Sitka is CKC registered under the name of SAJA Bella Bleu Eyes Sitka. Her mother is LH Nikki Blue Eyes and her father is Syberfreeze's Cosmo. Nikki's mother is Oksana's Blue Dancer and her father is Little Huskies Maverick. Cosmo's mother is Monticello's Goldren Tundra II and his father is Monticello's Icon of Siberia.

I visited Little Huskie's Kennel's webpage (you can find the link to the left) and I found pictures of the following...

Syberfreeze's Cosmo - Sitka's Dad

LH Nikki Blue Eyes - Sitka's Mom
Little Hiskies Maverick - Sitka's Grandfather

Oksana's Blue Dancer - Sitka's Grandmother

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