Friday, February 16, 2007

Sonic Friday

So, every Friday, my husband and I take Sitka to Sonic. Let me tell you... we roll in and the car hops start looking. I wonder if they think, "Who is going to serve those wacky people with the cute furry dog"! Sitka loves it. She totally hams it up when we go there. We always order her a dish of vanilla ice cream!

So... now she lays in the back seat, head propped on the door watching the car hops walk back and forth. Suddenly, one appears at our car. Sitka is up! Alert! The car hop, after she says, "Look at that sweet pup," hands over the ice cream first! I remove the lid... and Sitka is told she can have some. The licking begins. Oh the excitement! Sometimes, I let her finish it before we get back home. Other times, I let her have about half and we take the rest home for later.

Oh, how I love Fridays and watching the pure excitement of Sitka when my husband comes home from work! She knows it is Friday.... and she knows it is time for Sonic.

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