Saturday, March 3, 2007

Great days....

Well... it is coming up on 11:30 a.m. on Saturday morning. The day is not even half over, but it has been a banner one already.

First... I let the humans sleep in, which I rarely do!!! They were very appreciative - especially since we had the tornadoes and stuff the night before. They really did need some extra rest!! I have also been VERY vocal this morning. Barking, woo woo wooing, playbowing with the woo woos.... you name it... I have probably either done it or said it this morning. I almost forgot... we even got the Sibe/Mal image running on Holly's blawg! I am such a technically savy Siberian.

Next, I helped them get dressed then out the door we went and into the car!!! I loaded when the door opened and was asked... and away we drove to Petsmart. I had lots of fun. Mom and Dad got me some treats and a ..... well you can see from the picture to the right.... it is a BAD CUZ!!!

So, next... Mom said that I could have it. Don't you like that snow nose leading the mouth to take that CUZ in my mouth??

Next... Dad gave it a toss to me. Don't you like my "hi ol silver" impersonation again? I think I have it down pat now!!

I have boxed it, pounced on it, squeaked and tossed it in the air until I have completely exhausted myself. And, Althea, I am sorry to report that it has not lost it's feet... YET!!! At the time that happens, I will be sure to report it to everyone!!!

I am sure that the excitement for today is NOT over. The humans said something about going to the grocery store.. and I know when they go.. I get to inspect ALL of the bags upon returning!!! I will be sure to keep every sibe and non-sibe posted on the events of this great Saturday....

Oh - I even shared the Bad Cuz with Tia. Aren't I sweet???


Holly said...

Sitka, you are my hero!!! Thanks so much for putting the running husky/mal on my blog! I just love it! And, it looks strangely just LIKE ME!

I like your bad cuz! I sure wish my humans would get ME one of those!

Thanks again! You're the bestes!!!


The Army of Four said...

Ha roo, Sitka! That toy looks SO cool, but mom won't buy us any. She thinks Amber would have the legs chewed off of that in about 30 seconds or less; she's probably right. She's got jaws of steel.
Your running husky looks COOL!
Tail wags,

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Holly.. You are very welcome for helping to get the running sibe/mal on your page! It DOES look like you!!!

Holly and Storm - Tell your humans the BAG CUZ is fun. It still has it's legs. I have not really cared for it today. It has laid in the same place now for almost 24 hours.

Hugs to you both!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

We just got cuzes too and they are super fun!

Steve & Kat

Althea said...

Glad to see that I have introduced Bad Cuz to everyhusky. I'm a bit confused as to why you haven't chewed the feet and legs off yet. To each her own, as they say.


Althea said...

Almost forgot. Thanks for the cool running husky.