Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sonic, Ice Cream and Coneys - AND BIRTHDAYS...

Woo Woo Everyone...

Well... yesterday was Friday... and you know what that means -
S O N I C ! ! ! ! ! Here I am trying to decide what to order...

Oh my dish of Ice Cream. Check me out. Doesn't it look cold and yummy???

And I need to know the trick from Thrawn and crew how to get your OWN hamburger. I was not able to get that out of my humans last night. BUT, I did get a BIG bite or two of my mom's coney. Check me out!
Ok... tomorrow, Sunday, is my 3rd BIRTHDAY! Come one, come all - Birthday party at Sitka's house. Mom is making homemade lasagna and for dessert - ICE CREAM SUNDAES! Well.. mine will just be vanilla ice cream with cherries and cool whip... but there are other fun stuff that she won't let me have. Something about something being chocolate?!?!?! So... be on the lookout for some birthday party pictures tomorrow!!!!

Hugs to everyone!


The Army of Four said...

Wait a minute!?!? You get to go to SONIC!?!? For burgers and ice cream!?!? I've GOT to find the car keys and drive to your house. Maybe I can make it in time for your birthday! I'll bring Dave, OK? Oh, wow, this is so cool!
Play bows,

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Zim, you red handsome sibe you... Come on over... all 4 of you. Stop and pick up Holly too while you are at it. We will have one BIG party! I have my humans TRAINED! Every Friday night is SONIC night! And with tomorrow being my big 3, there is sure to be some ice cream flowing freely!!!