Friday, April 27, 2007

Yummies in the mail....

Woo everyone.... Guess what? When my mom checked the mail for me today, there was a cool package in there for me. She walked in and said, "Sitka, you got mail." I tilted my head to one side and said, "From who?" She bent down and let me inspect the package....

I was so excited I could barely contain myself. I asked mom, "Hey, is there a card in that envelope?" Mom said, "Yes Sitka, there is. Do you want to see who it is from?"

If you can not tell, those two awesome Siberians on the card are STEVE and KAT!!! WOO WOO. So, do you want to know what they sent to me? Their very talented mom made some YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY biscuits for me.

So, I asked mom, "May I try a cookie?" Mom answered with, "Sitka, Sit." And poof, a cookie appeared. Now, it is hard to tell... but it you look closely (at the picture above and below), the cookies have MY NAME ON IT! I think it got a little hot with that mailman delivering, but I could make out my name!!!

So, once mom handed me the cookie, I immediately laid down on the floor and proceeded to crunch that "yumminess"!

Steve and Kat (and mom too), I can not thank you all enough. The biscuits were YUMMY. They have unbleached whole wheat flour, wheat germ, egg, and milk. However, I think your mom forgot one thing... the recipe!!! Steve and Kat, can you swipe it from your mom without looking so my mom can make me some?

What a nice surprise to have when mom came home from a long day at work. Thank you both for being so sweet and sending me yummies in the mail. And thank you to your mom for taking the time to make them (Which I am sure you both supervised and taste tested to make sure they were editable).

Toodles and hugs...


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

We are so happy you liked your treats! Sorry they got too hot and your name got all messed up. Mom was worried about that and about them breaking in the mail. At least they didn't break! We'll see what we can do about the recipe. Anyway, we're glad you liked it. We worked really hard on that curly ribbon. We're all paws when it comes to that!

Steve and Kat

MaPaw said...

Cookies in the mail! That is awesome!

Holly said...

I got some of those too!! Be sure to check my blog late Saturday afternoon as I will post my pictures too!

They were soooo yummy!!!


Tasha & Eva said...

Wow treats in the mail! You're soooo lucky! We have to get our humans off their butts and have them make us treats at home. We like the store-bought ones, but home made just has to be better. Enjoy!! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

Suki said...

Ooohh...those look good. Sorry Sitka, my mom is sooo lazy. We've had a treat or two lying around the house for a couple of weeks now and she keeps forgetting to mail it to you! Grrr! I'll make sure she sends it next week; maybe peeing on her foot will remind her. Hehehe!

Puggy kisses

The Army of Four said...

Hey Sitka: We got some, too! Only ours didn't say "Sitka" on them. Ha roo roo roo! You look like you're laughing at Steve's joke on the card like Stormy did!
I've gotta see if Mom will let me hang your card and their card up in my carrier. Wouldn't that be cool?
Play bows,

Oscar Airedale said...

mmm, those cookies look fantastic!

Oscar x

Fu Fu said...

That sure was nice of Steve & Kat to send you those yummy cookies. :)

~ fufu

Tadpole said...

Whoa - you got MAIL?! And there were COOKIES in there?! What a great day!

Peanut said...

Hey sitka it was nice chatting with you at the pawty. Cookies in the mail is to cool.