Saturday, May 26, 2007

Tagged again...

Well friends, I have been tagged again by Kelsey and Smokey. Here is what you do. First, you list 7 interesting things about yourself and you tag some more friends. So, without further ado, here we go...

1. I like to "Hug It Out." So, you may be asking yourself what is this. Allow me to tell you. Sometimes mom asks me if I want to "Hug it out" and other times, I want to "Hug it out" without her asking. Here is how it works. Mom opens her legs and I walk halfway through. She proceeds to rub my back and I stomp my feet. We also sing "Hug it out, Hug it out, Hug it out." I love HUGS!

2. I love yellow squash! It is like crack! I will do anything that my mom wants me to do when she dangles that in front of my face!!!

3. Every Friday night, I have a family ritual that must be followed!!! When Dad comes home on Fridays, mom does not have to say anything. I am jumping all around like a crazy Siberian. I KNOW it is Friday and I KNOW what that means. I load up in the car and off to SONIC. I am greeted by those nice carhops and they bring me a mountain of Ice Cream!!!

4. Ohh, I love stuffies!! I love to carry them around, play with them, get them all broken in. Then, the mission begins. first, I have to remove it's sound maker. Then, I remove all of the insides and carry around it's carcass! Do you remember the MOOSE? Oh, here I am with my monkey!

5. I try to answer the phone when mom is not at home. Since it is on the wall, all I cando is howl and hope someone on the other end hears me. Wanna check it out?

6. Oh.. passing gas! See, when this happens, I turn around very quickly and look at my butt as if I am asking it, "Whoa, what was that?"

7. I love my mom! See, in the morning, I think it is my duty to help her get ready for work or wherever she may go. I stay right up under her. If she gets out the hair dryer, I get in the bathtub to supervise!!! Oh, and I love to give kisses!!!

So, now I want to tag Shiloh and Guinness, Oscar, and Frodo.



Kelsey and Smokey said...

Your 7 things are awesome! I'm so glad I learned more about you. I especially like that you try to answer the phone. Your woos are beautiful!

Thank you so much for sharing with all of us!

Ruby Bleu said...

Hey Sitka...
That phone answering thing is hysterical!!!! You have so much talents!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Boo said...

sitka, that is sooooooooooo cute. i mean your howl. is there pictures in your blog coz i can't view them but i can see lines.

wet wet licks


The Army of Four said...

Sitka: I was standing by the magic cold box waiting for an ice cube when I heard you woooo! You have a lovely voice!!!
Davy loves to hug, too. We met a lady out on walkies this morning and he had her in a full press, lean into her hug. She loved it!
I licked her small biped's nose!
PS: Stormy answered your "Ask the Ao4" question today!

Oscar Airedale said...

OOh, I feel all clued up about you now! Thanks for the tag, I love playing all these games.

Oscar x

Asta said...

Hi Sitka,
I've finally discovered ice cream, I can see why you get excited( you can see me eating it on my blog)
What a bootiful voice you have, I think you should seriously consider a singing career, and then you can kiss all your fans
big smoochie kiss from me

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Stika, you're so sweet to wanna answer the phone. ;)

~ Girl girl

Holly said...

I love your howl!!!! That is so awesome!! Ice cream is one of our favorites too. Sam goes nutso over it, although he isn't really suppose to have any, mom will give him a bite or two cuz he gives her the sad eyes look, which work GREAT!

Holly said...
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The Daily Echo said...

Oh Sitka, you're such a good hugger! I don't like hugs much but I get alot of them because Mom says I'm so huggable. Blech!

The Army of Four said...

Ooooh, Sitka! HA roo! You changed your layout! I love the big picture of you and Tia! Are you telling her a secret? What is it? Can you tell me, too?
Play bows,

Macie-Malechai said...

You are a funny girl Sitka! We like to give lots of kisses too, but ONLY when WE want to! Love the phone howling!
Face Licks, M&M

Marley said...

Sitka, you have the coolest howl ever! I love it!!!


Liberty Doo Dah said...

Wow Sotka! Squash?? Mum will have to try that! I *d8* like the ice cream idea though! I must make note to mum!

Liberty Doo Dah said...

Dang it! Mum made a HUGE type on your name! SITKA! Sorry!!!
PS: Mum needs to remember to wear her glasses so that she can type!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

That is a great video! I would like to see a video of you and your mom hugging it out. It sounds silly and I love silly!!!