Monday, July 30, 2007

Blogathon, Wubba, Magnet Huskies & Out of Town

Woo Woo every pup and Girl Girl.

I first wanted to say Congrats to Meeshka, Steve, Kat and Wilber, and Tucker for their wonderful work during Blogathon 2007. They all did a great job and did well entertaining Tia, mom, dad and myself for 24 STRAIGHT hours. Here is Tia and myself at 2 a.m.... please excuse the quality of photo 1. Dad is not as good of a photographer as mom is....

So, we made it along with everyone else and had a blast. How many days until Blogathon 2008, HA ROOOOOO! Ok... so now let's move on to the WUBBA! Mom FINALLY bought me one. Here I am accepting it from mom.

It was super fun and super loud. Mom will upload some videos when she gets home. Oh, moving on.... Magic and Georgie posted a cute Husky Stuffie magnet that you can order from Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue. Go to their site for more info :) Check Tia and myself posing with these cute little suffies....

I am sad to announce that mom is going out of town. She is leaving tomorrow morning and won't get back home until Saturday evening. She is not taking me, which is not fair. However, I will have one on one... well two on one time with DAD (oh, and Tia too). And I know we will have lots of fun!!! Magic and Georgie did TAG us for a fin question/answer game. I promise when mom gets back, that will be the first thing that I take care of. Oh, and I look forward to reading ALL of my lovely friend's blogs when mom returns and gives back the passwords to the puter.

HUGS and TOODLES to all of my great friends ----- Sitka ;)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Fun with mom

Woo pups and Girl Girl.. Well, last Thursday and Friday were super fun!!! Please allow me to share some of what mom and I did. I don't have a bazillion photos, but I do have some. Mom forgot her camera. Sigh.

Ok, last Thursday, we set off to a place called Hampton, GA. First off, Little Huskies Kennel is there. That is where mom and dad got me. Mom and I resisted the urge to go there to see if we could bring home anything. Instead, we went to this cool store called The Dog Spa. It was cool. They have these stations where you can use their facility to give your dog a bath. Well, that didn't happen, but I did get some yummy Canidae Lamb and Rice food, a few stuffies, and some Canidae Snap-biscuits.

On the way home, we stopped at SONIC. Well, it was lunch-time, mom wanted a snack and I needed Ice Cream. Here I am waiting patiently for my Ice Cream.

Here I am enjoying my Ice Cream...

So let me tell you about the harness and strap that is on and attached to me in the above photo. This is a new seat belt system that my mom bought for me. It is really cool and safe! It is the Champion Canine Seat Belt System.

On Friday, mom and I went to Petsmart to get me a new rake. Sigh, I hate grooming tools. They are vicious and just not nice. Remember my first Haik-woo about being brushed? Well, I still think the brush is EVIL! So, while we were there we found some other stuff that we needed.... Let's check out the photos once we got home.

Honestly, is this necessary? I have fur for a reason. I don't know why you (mom) like to brush it out all the time. Let's see what else was purchased....

Oh, can you tell what that is? Tia is checking out her Glucosamine and Condroitin powder to put on her canned food every morning and evening. After all, she is 14. So, she needs a little extra something. Plus, mom has noticed her limping a bit when she walks after a long nap. So, she thinks Tia is getting some arthritis. Moving on....

First, next to my left paw, you will notice a PORK EAR. Wow, these are so good. Mom bought me some more at Pestmart. Beside them, she found the CURLY BULLY STICK THINGY! Tasha and Eva have these. It is so yummy! I am glad that I learned about them from T & E and that the mom bought me some.

So, that is about all that has been going on. If you are up... stop by Meeshka's Blog, Steve, Kat and Wilber's Blog, and Tucker's Blog. Blogathon 2007 has been going on for 12 hours now... so 12 hours to go. We can make it!

Hugs, Sitka

Friday, July 27, 2007

The Lost Pressie...

Woo Woo Pups and Girl Girl... Guess what? Today, I got mail from Boy n Baby! We thought this pressie package got lost in the mail since Boy n Baby's mom mailed it about a month and a week ago. But, someone at the United States Post Office must have found it and brought it to its rightful owner. How COOL is that???

Oh goodie goodie gumdrops! There are some YUMMY SMELLING TREATS inside this envelope. Check me out trying to get inside the package. Now, check out Tia smelling MY pressie (ok, there is something in there for her).

So... Mom got the package opened for us. Wanna see what is inside? Here is Tia with her fun fun fun ping pong ball (which she has been batting around all afternoon). Also, she is here modeling her new collar. It is black with this chain link design on it. It is super cool.

Oh, do you see that paper hanging from Tia's neck? That was a very sweet note from Boy n Baby. It reads, "Hi Tia, We hope that you can fit the collar and also we thought you might love playing with this ping0pong ball. but be very careful about it when you are playing around Sitka. Sitka might accidentally swallow it..hehe. Love, Boy n Baby." Tia wanted to say, "THANK YOU Boy n Baby for thinking of me and sending me super cool pressies."

Ok... now on to what Boy n Baby sent to me. Check out this photo....

My special note said: "Hi Sitka, We love this ribs n treats so we thought we send some over to you. Have you tried this? It is super duper yummylicious. Enjoy! Love, Boy n Baby" Oh my, they are super duper yummylicious. One is a Meaty Shank Bone. Oh my dogness... Let me say this is one of the best things I have put in my mouth. The other package are these Long Chicken Rolls. Oh my, they are mouth watering, ha rooo! Check me out with the Long Chicken Rolls .....

Thank you so much Boy n Baby for the wonderful treats! Tia LOVES her collar. She did try to take some of my treats -
Well, I did not let her have any. Now because I am stingy, but they are dog treats and despite what she may think (She things she is a Siberian cat) she is a cat! I did let her smell them. She rubbed ALL over the package.

Thank WOO Boy n Baby! I am super excited this lost pressie made it to my house. Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness of sending me a fun treat.

Hugs, Sitka and Tia

Saturday, July 21, 2007

5 Favorite Books

Miss Ruby tagged me and wanted me to tell her and all of my Pup friends, Girl Girl too, what my favorite books are. So without further ado, here are my favorite books (well with some assistance from Tia and mom).

1. It's a Sibe Thing... You Wouldn't Understand - This book was written by Raven Delaval. She wrote on the back cover, "Herein you will find tales of the strange but true adventures of life with Siberian Huskies." Proceeds from the sale of this book go to help Siberian Husky Rescue. For more info, see her website - Husky Hovac. Let me also said that there is a story in there from the AO4's mom and a photo of Stormy herself!!! :) I really enjoy reading it. Take a look.
2. Legal Books - Tia would like to say that she LOVES reading anything legal related. Oh, so she really doesn't read books, she likes to LAY on them while the humans are attempting to read them.
3. Grizz's Story, A Greater Courage - A Dog's Journey - This book is by Jo Helms and is told from Grizz's perspective. He was a beautiful Siberian and this story is a true story about his brave battle with cancer. This book is not only about Grizz's battle, but of his companionship with his brother GSD Sarge and his humans. The proceeds from this book go directly to help fund the research and development of cancer treatments for companion animals - all in Grizz's memory. If you are interested in finding out how to get a copy of this book, please contact my mom at macondawgswife(at symbol)yahoo(dot)com. It truly is a touching story that mom and I both enjoyed and cried over.

4. The Twelve Dogs of Christmas - Oh this is a FUN FUN FUN book. It features many breeds of dogs (I wish it featured all of them - but there are only twelve days. You know, they should have published several editions to get all of the breeds, ha rooo.) I believe the line in there about Siberians is - 7 Huskies Howling, haroooo!

5. Shopaholic Series - Oh this book is all moms!!! See, there is this series about a girl who is from England and she moves to the states, spends obscene amounts of money, only to have it come back and bite her in the hiney! This is the latest book that mom has not purchased yet. Perhaps I will run to Barnes and Noble and get it for her, ha roo!

Well friends.. that is it. So, now I would like to tag the following 5 furry friends - The Great AO4, the Beautiful Holly, the fun and adventurous Steve, Kat and Wilber, the fun-loving Tasha & Eva, and my Captain Maverick.
What books do you like to read (humans included)???

Hugs and toodles - Sitka

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Good Eats....

Woo Woo every pup and Girl Girl....

Yesterday totally rocked. In honor of Zim's Zim-aversary, mom grilled PORK TENDERLOIN! Oh my dogness, it smelled so good and that was before she put it on the grill.

So, once mom got it on the grill, she came back inside to where I was laying and put something in my lap. Here I am checking it out. Can you guess what it is?

Oh Dave... I am sure the words running through your head are "WATERMELON???" Oh sweet freckled nose, unfortunately it is not. But, I give you points for thinking that it may be. Oh, if you guessed Zucchini, then you would be correct!!! Humm, I have never seen one of these before. See, a police friend of mom and dad's grows these in his backyard! Wow. So, I diligently watched mom as she sliced it into these circle pieces. She made this butter, olive oil, and orange zest mixture to put on them once she placed them on the grill. Oh, friends, the smells that was floating through the air from the grill was amazing. So, once everything was done, the yumminess was brought back inside. Here I am sampling the first bite of Zucchini....

Humm.. YUMMY! I have never had this before, but I like it. Oh, now, Tia can have a taste....

Oh yes, she enjoyed it too. After some tastes of pork, Tia settled in for a nice after dinner nap.

And I? Well, I found a most unconventional place to nap. I have never napped here before. I really tried to get the humans to go to bed around 7:30 last night because I heard thunder. I sat on the stairs and hung my head through the banister for almost 30 minutes. Since they never came to escort me to the bedroom, I decided to lay in the foyer area by the stairs.

Oh, there was talk last night of painting the foyer area that I am laying in. Mom wants to paint the area below the chair railing. I am super excited because: Paint + Siberian = FUN & MESSY!!! Could you imagine if she let me put my paws in it and we use my prints to decorate the walls? I think that is an EXCELLENT idea, don't you. Now, how do I convince mom to do that??? Anyone have any brilliant ideas on how to execute that plan?

Toodles and Hugs! Also, thanks for heading over to wish the most handsome Zim a great day. He had a hard life in the beginning, and now he has the BEST family ever!

Sitka :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Woo Woo Woo Every pup and Girl Girl....

Today is my handsome Zim's Zim-aversary! I hope that you will stop by his blog today and wish him a happy day. I am going to try to sneak him some cappuccino, but I may not be successful as it is not on a dog's diet, ha rooo!!

I hope that you all will celebrate his big day wherever you may be if you can't head over to his house, which I am trying to figure out how to do just that, ha roo roo roo!


P.S. Tia sends a BIG MEOW out to Zim and wishes him a great day!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Woo every pup and Girl Girl...

Well, I hope that everyone has had a lovely weekend! Yesterday was a busy day for all of those in our house. Well, except for Tia. Dad got up and went to play golf with some friends. Mom left me to go to a wedding at 11:30 am. Then, both of them got home about the same time and guess what? I got to go to Petsmart. I met a cute little Min Pin named Java, who was super cute!!! I met a Basset Hound who did his woo at me and a Bloodhound puppy. Mom got puppy kisses from that bloodhound. She said something about wishing that I still had puppy breath. What is wrong with my breath now? It smells pretty good!

Well, we got home, mom said what I had hoped that she would never say... "You need a bath!" I need a "WHAT?!?!?" So, it happened. I was placed into the bathtub, Mom got in with me, and she started to wet my fur. Now, I put my foot down and refused to be photographed in such a vulnerable state. But, here I am after I was dried off quite a good bit with a very nice peanut butter cookie!!!
So, afterward, Dad ran to the grocery store to pick up a few things and when he returned, there was a present for me. Do you remember the Nubbley Cherry Tomato?? Well, now, it is time to meet the Nubbley Rockstar!!! Yes, you heard that right. Check out how loud it is!

After playing with my new toy for a while, I decided to take a quick nap with the toy. Don't I look cute???
Now, do remember when I told you that I could "Hug it Out"? Well, mom was able to get some footage of that. I did not hold long enough for the rubbing of my low back because I had to run and toss my Nubbley Rockstar in the air a few more times.

Before bed, mom realized that one part of me was still a bit damp. Well, let's say for 9 seconds, I became a queen and got fanned.

Well friends... It seems that I must go now and beg mom for some bananananananana pudding! I hope you all had a great weekend with your family.


Friday, July 13, 2007

Time Capsule Tag and My Slogan

Ha roo every pup and Girl Girl...

Zimmie (and the rest of the AO4) tagged me to play this fun new game. Apparently Jazz and Dixie and Fei (along with their mom's) asked, "If you doggies/Girl Girl were going to make a time capsule to be opened some time in the future what would you put in there for the doggies/hamsters of the future? Name five important things that you would include and then pass it on to five other friends." I think this is a really cool game. So, I have been thinking about this since the handsome Zimmie tagged me and here is what I have come up with.

1. A Busted Up Nubbley - I would hate for the puppies of the future to not know what to do with them.

2. A blueprint to build a Sonic in case they don't exist in 50 years. ha rooooo!

3. The rubber broom that attacked me! This way doggies will know to be aware of it and I won't have to worry about it taking my fur anymore.

4. My mom's ballet slippers. This is so that the doggies of the future can learn the joy of dance as I have!

5. My Pool! It is perfect for a hot or cold day, ha roo roo!!

So, I tag: Holly, Floss and Jez, Maggie (and Mitch), Marvin and Scuba.

Now, I would like to move onto a fun website that I read about on Holly's blog. I have been "sloganized."

Here are few it came up with for me:
1. Thank Sitka it's Friday!
2. Sitka Lickin' Good
3. The Non-Sticky Sticky Sitka
4. Absolut Sitka
5. The best Sitka under one roof.

Ok, Tia wanted to get in on the fun. So here are some for her:
1. Happiness is Tia Shaped
2. This is the age of Tia
3. The Tia of Paradise
4. It's good to talk to Tia
5. Tia - the freshmaker!

Wanna try it out? Go here.

And in closing, I leave you with a cute photo of me!!! Toodles and Hugs - Sitka

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hodge podge post

Woo every pup and Girl Girl,

Today has been a lazy day so far... but according to the weather radar, this afternoon should have some thunder/lightening/rain excitement :( I don't know what to think about this, and I hope that Mom does not try that shirt thing again.

I assisted mom this morning and created this photo to the right. I hope you like it!!! Isn't that Magnolia bloom pretty? We have a big Magnolia tree in our backyard!

Oh, if you look up and to the right on my blog, you will see a click-able button to take you to Meeshka's blog. Her blogathon is coming up and she is accepting pledges for Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue. This is my first blogathon, but apparently Meeshka will be up for 24 hours straight posting a blog every 30 minutes. I am very excited about this.

Lastly, Tia has really been getting on my nerves lately. She apparently thinks that 5 a.m. is the time to wake up in the morning (for the past 2-3 weeks). She wakes up mom and dad by walking around the bed meowing. So, dad has to get out of bed and open the bedroom door so she can go downstairs and move all of my dog toys. Then, she sometimes reappears back in the bedroom with a sock, perhaps mom's underwear, a towel, or one of MY toys in her mouth (meowing the entire time). I do love her, but I don't understand why she can't wait until 7 a.m. to do all of this nonsense.

Oh well friends.. I hope you have a great day!!! Friday is almost here and that means SONIC! So anyone who wants to go with me (mom and dad will pick up the tab) is welcome. Come on over!!!

Hugs, Sitka

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Beautiful Woo Woo Woo for Sherman

Hey every pup and Girl Girl...

Please head over to Star and Sherman's page and give Sherman your most beautiful woo that you can. He will be soon free of his cancer and running with those who are already at the Rainbow Bridge.
Star is on the left and Sherman is on the right.

long soft woos and tears from my mom....... Our thoughts, prayers and hearts are with Star, Sherman and their human mom and dad.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger, Funny Cartoon and Two Left Feet

Woo Woo every pup and Girl Girl.... Tia and I were awarded a Rockin' Girl Blogger award by our friend Lisa!

We think this is totally awesome and thank Lisa for passing this cool award our way!!! So, what exactly is it, you ask??? This lady, Roberta, started this award. Basically, if you know a girl, who is totally awesome, and has a blog... then you give her the award. You are supposed to pass it onto 7 rockin' chicks, then they pass it on, and so forth. So, my 7 rockin' girl bloggers are:

UPDATE*** 7:50 p.m. - So, you know... I am going to toss out the rule that you can only list 7 and give this award to all of my girls - because I think you all ROCK! And if I leave anyone off, let me know and I will add you! Here we go....

Maggie, Althea, Asta down under, Asta up over, Baby, Coco, Blu, Star, Sam and Dot, Frankie and Maddie, Hope, Ivy, Liberty, Lillie Valentine, Luckie, Macie, Maggie queen of SoCal, Magic and Georgie, Meeshka, Miss Sunshade, Opy, Putter, Raisa, Sasha, Penny and Lola, Snowball, Sooky, Sophie, Kat, Tasha and Eva, Guinness, Roo Roo, Kelsey Ann

Oh, if you want to put the logo on your blog or in your next post, simply right click on the image above. Select "save picture as", save the photo on your PC, then voila! Sorry guys to leave you off on this. Humm.. .maybe one of the guys can come up with a rockin' guy award for all of you handsome blogging boys out there???/

I also wanted to share this cartoon with you. Mom gets a daily newsletter from Itchimo. Inside the newsletter today was a cartoon showing what Cats and Dogs would say if they blogged. So, I thought it was cute and wanted to share with you all.

Lastly today, I wanted to share with you a comment that Zim left. It seems that Amber told him a funny and he passed it along to me. You know, Amber is so witty!!! So, Zim said to my post from yesterday about being a dancer - Ha roo roo roo! You look even more adorable than EVER! Are the steps hard to learn since you basically (and this isn't meant as a criticism...) but since you have two left feet?!?!? HA roo roo roo! (Amber told me that one; I couldn't resist!)Play bows,Zim. Zim, yes, the steps are very hard with two left feet. And when I toss in my two right feet, WOW, the difficulty level really rises, ha rooo!!!

Oh, I almost forgot. I wanted to thank you all for the sweet comments about the 2 year anniversary of my sweet brother, Simi. We miss him dearly, but know he is in a much better place with no pain.

Toodles! Hugs, Sitka and Tia

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Dance Class

Woo every pup and Girl Girl....

I hope that everyone is having a great weekend! In my blog, "Celebrating the 4th", the ever so handsome Zim commented, "I could come over and kill that broom for you! I've slayed evil vacuums before: a broom should be easy! You look adorable play-bowing at it! Did you take Tap from your mom? It sounds like you're tap dancing!"

You know... I have been thinking, and he is right. I think that my mom is a master tap dancer and I do want to learn from her. We have been working so much on my ballet, but after the broom incident, my tapping skills became apparent to her that we may need to start working on that. So, with this new skill that I have developed, mom has decided that I may just make it in the dancing world and it is time for me to take my place among some ballet dancers.

Here I am with my first class. What do you think???

Friday, July 6, 2007

It has been 2 years...

Woo every pup and Girl Girl.. First - if you did not see my post from yesterday, please scroll down to see it. Mom put me in a t-shirt AND there is a video of my attempting to attack the broom!!! Now, on to today's post. Grab your Kleenex.

Time sure does pass fast, huh? It was just two years ago today that we lost my big brother Simi. He was Tia's brother (litter mates). He had always been so active, carefree, and loving. He LOVED anthing ITALIAN! He loved the smell of fresh herbs and the simmer of a homemade Italian Sauce on the stove. On May 31st around 1 a.m. (going into the morning of June 1st), he started acting very strange. He settled on mom's chest and laid on her for 2 hours. Mom and Dad decided that something was not right with him and decided to take him to the ER vet. I remember Mom and Dad saying that it cost like 300 bucks just to walk in the door (WOW). So, after an examination, it was what mom feared. Simi had a stroke. He was fine at that time but the doctor said that he could tell by the way his eyes looked inside. So, he told us to keep him calm for the next few days and don't let him jump around. HA! Keeping a cat on it's 4 paws is like keeping a Siberian still. I thought it would work out good for me because the cats eat up on the top of the dresser in our bedroom so I knew that the food would have to be on the ground now. But rats! Mom and Dad were much smarter than me and they bought a crate, put the cats food in it, and turned it into the wall so I could not get into it. Bummer!!!

So, it seemed that Simi was doing better. He was eating well and appeared to be steady on his feet, until July 5th. Mom came home from work around 2:30 p.m. that day and Simi did not seem right. He was on the dining room table, his pupils were very large, and he was extremely unsteady. Mom called our vet and they said to come on in. Simi had another stroke. Mom was in tears now because she knew the time was near. It was decided that we would keep him in peace and make a decision the next day. Surgery would do no good at this point because things had become neurological at this point.

So, after an entire night of holding Simi in mom's arms, by sunrise, it was apparent what the day would bring. Simi would not even open his eyes, was unresponsive, and just laid wherever mom put him. He had gone into a coma. He was so floppy in mom's arms. She held him all day until the afternoon appointment time with the vet. Tia and I stayed close too. We knew that he was a very sick kitty.

Mom brought him back home so that we could say our goodbye to him and smell him one last time. Then, mom took him to her mom's house (my granna) to lay him to rest by Zero, who had passed only 6 months prior, and PJ.

Mom got Simi and Tia when they were 6 weeks old. Simi lived to be 12 and 1/2. Tia is going strong at 14 and 1/2 now. Simi is now at the Rainbow Bridge running free of what took him there. He is with all of our animals that we have lost.... Tosha, Phange and Honey (the Siberian Huskies mom had when she was a little girl), PJ (mom's first Shih Tzu) and Zero (the German Shepherd), and along with all of the other animals there to show him the way and guide him around. He will always be in our hearts. We miss him terribly and await the day when we can see him again and look into his beautiful blue eyes. We love you Simi... now and forever.

I leave you with some of our favorite photos of Simi. Hugs: Sitka, Tia, and Shelli

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Celebrating the 4th

Well Gang.. Yesterday was the 4th! Oh, I had a great day. First, I helped Dad finish sweeping downstairs. I don't think I have told all of you, but I really don't like when the broom comes out. I guess I don't want it to take my fur. So, I hope you enjoy this little video. It took me about 40 seconds to start really getting upset at the broom. So, stick with it!

So, next my granna, granddadders, and great granna came over. I helped Dad grill hotdogs and hamburgers (and yes, I tasted several). I ran and ran and ran in my backyard until mom caught me in a mid-run with this face...

Yes, I am well aware that it is not in focus. That is due to the fact that I was running so fast that mom could not snap the camera quick enough. Anyroo, I thought it was a funny photo, so I wanted to post it on my blog, ha roo!

So, later on sometime around 8:30 p.m., it happened. The fireworks! They went off until at least 11 p.m. I did what I typically do and ran straight upstairs bypassing the tub to go under the bed. Mom and Dad finished cleaning up the kitchen and soon followed me up. Mom said, "Hey Sitka, do you want to try to put on a t-shirt and see if it makes you calmer? So many of your friends do this and say it helps them feel better." Umm, No, but did the mom listen to me? So, here I am ... completely helpless. I would not even move. I just stood there and looked up at mom with that "Why are you doing this to me" face. So, she gathered the "extra" part of the shirt hanging from my belly and helped me up on the bed. Here I am.

I think the shirt upset me more than the fireworks. But, I managed to forget about the fireworks for the 10 minutes that Mom and Dad took photos of me. I hung my head and mom came over and took it off. FREE and under the bed I went. Whew. I hope she does not do this again. I really did not care for it.

I hope those of you who celebrated Independence Day yesterday had a good one. And those of you who were tormented with fireworks survived it just fine. Until tomorrow, hugs from Sitka :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Nanook and Pooka came to visit...

Ok.. So, Nanook and Pooka really didn't come to visit, but the mailman did bring a package with their name on it and it smelled just like both of them. Well, it smelled how I thought they would smell. Oh, it was so cool. I must get into this package ASAP. It smells wonderful and it makes noises.

Ok, finally I was able to get the package open. So, what do you think is inside? Let's take a look see....

Hey Mom.. Look there is one of those orbit nubby looking balls. I once had one of those but it died. Wow, how did Nanook and Pooka know I needed a new one?

Hey, it is cool... wait..... Is that a fish I see, mom? Wow, there are some super duper items there on the kitchen counter. Do you all see the blue note? That was a super sweet note from Nanook and Pooka. See the purplish blob there on the right? That is Pooka's paw print. It is bigger than my paw, wow! Oh, and it tastes yummy too!

Oh check me out. I think the tail is the coolest part of this fish. Do you want to know why? See, it curls and it fits perfectly under my leg so it will stand up so that I can squeak and chew on it better.

Oh, next on to the food portion of the package. First, there were these yummy treats that were Venison and Salmon flavored jerky bits. Oh, wow, they are good. Now, moving on to the bully stick..

I have had a pork ear before, but this was my first time eating a bully stick. Mom cut it in half since it was close to bedtime (hump!). I was not happy about that because I felt I deserved the entire thing... especially since she took dad out for a birthday dinner and neglected to take me with them. THANK YOU NANOOK AND POOKA so much for all of my goodies and treats. Now, I turn over this post to my beautiful sister, Tia!!!

Meows to everyone... Nanook and Pooka were so thoughtful to send me a little pressie of my very own (except that silly Siberian kept trying to steal it from me). So, have you guessed what it is, or do I need to show you? Ok, I will show you.

So, check this out. I am trying to eat my catnip.. MY catnip. Why can't the silly dog let me enjoy my pressie in peace? Do you see the snout coming in on the lower left corner on the photo???

Oh, I just have to say, I am addicted to this stuff. At one time, I tried to bite the entire bag of catnip. Mom did not have the camera ready for that, but I bit the bag of catnip and shook it left and right!!! Here I am enjoying a bit more of that yummy green stuff on MY placemat on the coffee table. I so own this house!

Ok, so I leave you with a video of me enjoying my catnip. Again, Sitka tried to take it and mom kept moving the camera around to keep Sitka away. So, I apologize for all of the movement sounds.

Sitka and I are very appreciative of the pressies that Nanook and Pooka sent to us. They are extremely thoughtful pups and we are glad they are our pals!!! Hummm... Maybe I need to get a Newf??? I did see that Nanook and Pooka have a cat sister named Maya and I have heard they have more.

Thank you so much! BIG Hugs and Meows - Tia & Sitka