Friday, July 27, 2007

The Lost Pressie...

Woo Woo Pups and Girl Girl... Guess what? Today, I got mail from Boy n Baby! We thought this pressie package got lost in the mail since Boy n Baby's mom mailed it about a month and a week ago. But, someone at the United States Post Office must have found it and brought it to its rightful owner. How COOL is that???

Oh goodie goodie gumdrops! There are some YUMMY SMELLING TREATS inside this envelope. Check me out trying to get inside the package. Now, check out Tia smelling MY pressie (ok, there is something in there for her).

So... Mom got the package opened for us. Wanna see what is inside? Here is Tia with her fun fun fun ping pong ball (which she has been batting around all afternoon). Also, she is here modeling her new collar. It is black with this chain link design on it. It is super cool.

Oh, do you see that paper hanging from Tia's neck? That was a very sweet note from Boy n Baby. It reads, "Hi Tia, We hope that you can fit the collar and also we thought you might love playing with this ping0pong ball. but be very careful about it when you are playing around Sitka. Sitka might accidentally swallow it..hehe. Love, Boy n Baby." Tia wanted to say, "THANK YOU Boy n Baby for thinking of me and sending me super cool pressies."

Ok... now on to what Boy n Baby sent to me. Check out this photo....

My special note said: "Hi Sitka, We love this ribs n treats so we thought we send some over to you. Have you tried this? It is super duper yummylicious. Enjoy! Love, Boy n Baby" Oh my, they are super duper yummylicious. One is a Meaty Shank Bone. Oh my dogness... Let me say this is one of the best things I have put in my mouth. The other package are these Long Chicken Rolls. Oh my, they are mouth watering, ha rooo! Check me out with the Long Chicken Rolls .....

Thank you so much Boy n Baby for the wonderful treats! Tia LOVES her collar. She did try to take some of my treats -
Well, I did not let her have any. Now because I am stingy, but they are dog treats and despite what she may think (She things she is a Siberian cat) she is a cat! I did let her smell them. She rubbed ALL over the package.

Thank WOO Boy n Baby! I am super excited this lost pressie made it to my house. Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness of sending me a fun treat.

Hugs, Sitka and Tia


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Haha, it finally reached you n Tia. But you know what, we already got you something else cos we thought it was lost rite. Anyhow, we will be posting it this coming monday cos when we got the stuff, we were thinking of both of you. Lucky thing we bought diffrent stuffs this time.

Boy n Baby

Ferndoggle said...

We are drooling over those treats! Yum, yum, yum!!

Sherman, Penny & Lola

Kapp pack said...

Wow, what nice blogging puppies!
Looks like those treats are very yummy!

-Kelsey Ann

The Husky in the Window said...

Oh wow, you'all get stuff in the mail. Addressed to you? How cool is that? You'all got some cool presets and Tia is such a cute model. She's my only cat friend.

How was your chicken roll? It looks yummy.

Mom said thanks for the static guard idea. She added that to her grocery list and will get some for the husky mobile.

Husky Hugs. MayaMarie

Sasha said...

I love mail I can eat. I just got some Yummy Chummies in the mail. Woohoo!

Ruby Bleu said...

Wow - how exciting!!!! Nice way to start a weekend...with a surprise!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Maggie said...

Gosh, that mailman sure did take his sweet time! Boy and Baby send the nicest gifts! They're both so sweet!

Love ya lots,

Boo said...

hey sitka, look at you all puzzle with the long chicken rolls. you must be surprised by the camera taking shot of you eating huh.

wet wet licks


The Brat Pack said...

Those treats look soooo good. I'm totally jealous.


Holly said...

Wow, such great pressies!!! I love the look on your face with your long chicken rolls!! Your eyes say it all!

We all loved our treats too! Thank you so much for them! I let Sam have the nubbly tomato, cuz he LOVES squeeky's. I was mostly interested in th4 chicken jerkey! I will try to get some pics for you. Even if I have to have dad do it since mom can't!

Thank you again! Enjoy YOU treats!
How nice of boy n baby to send them to you!


The Daily Echo said...

Getting mail is so cool! We get excited with our Fosters and Smith Catalog arrives. I love Tia's snazzy new collar!

The Army of Four said...

Wow, that sure was nice of -- wait. Did Sasha say "Yummy Chummies"!?!? Oooooh... we used to get those. Dad said they're too stinky. I LOVE those! Oooh, Yummy Chummies ........
Play bows,
PS: You and Tia look bee-roo-tiful in those pictures! Tia is cool enough to be a Siberian cat!

cyber-sibes said...

Hi sweeties,
nice treats!

P.S. I answered your questions on my blog in the comments section, and now you're linked.)

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

What a great present! It was so fun to get mail, so I can just imagine how excited you were!


Suki said...

I know! Cats are ALWAYS trying to take our treats, hmmph! Marie and Lucky are always all up in my business when I have a good treat and I tell them not-so-nicely to BACK OFF! Hehehe :)

Puggy kisses