Monday, August 27, 2007

Pressies from Texas in Australia

Woo Woo Woo Every Pup and Girl Girl...

Guess what I got in the mail today? A box full of pressies from Texas in Australia! Oh my dogness.... I can't believe what all was in there. Here I am reading my very sweet note from Texas. He even stamped his paw print at the bottom, ha roo!

Can you believe all of these pressies? He even sent some pressies for Tia and Mom. Isn't that so sweet?

Ok, we will get to all of these pressies... but the one that is not in the picture above is in the picture below around my neck. You know, I have never worn anything that was Purple before, but I think the color really looks awesome on me. What do you all think?

Oh friends, this toy was just awesome. It is a rat that moves! Can you believe it? Mom helped me take some videos of Tia and the rat. Check it out. (Sorry for the poor quality. It was hard for mom to hold the camera, make the mouse move and keep me out of the way, ha roo).

This next video mom found some books to set the camera on. Check out how the rat takes a spill off the coffee table, ha roo!

Ok friends... You know, I have looked more at this rat and I don't think it is a rat. I think it is a Hamsterberian named GIRL GIRL. Whoa... did Texas sent Girl Girl to me? Oh my dogness. What do you all think?

Tia also got some more toys. She got some mice. They have squeakers in them which make them more fascinating to me. But Mom told me that I could not play with them because they were Tia's.
Oh this has to be one of the most awesome toys EVER! It is a bone, but feels like a tennis ball, but is not round. It is really fun to chew on!

Oh my goodness. Texas also included some treats for me. Let me tell you that I turned circles for them, literally. Mom got a bit of video of me having a sample of both of them.

Check out these pawphans that Texas sent to my mom. She got a German Shepherd, an Airedale Terrier, and a grey kitty kat that looks like my brother, Simi. Cool, huh? I tried my best to steal one to play with it, but my mom is too fast and took it from my mouth.

Thank you so much Texas for being so generous with all of these pressies. You are so sweet and thoughtful. Tia, Mom and I love all of the pressies! Hugs and Kisses!!!


P.S. I know Lola and Holly tagged me. I have that post coming up for tomorrow or Wednesday. And later in the week, I will let you know what I discovered at the beach.


Tasha & Eva said...

What a great batch of goodies! You guys are so lucky! Loved the videos,too. Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

macgoogle said...

Haroooooooooo! Mum and Dad and I are so glad that you finally got your pressies! We are really happy that you liked them.

Kisses, Licks and Love to all,
Texas (and his humans).

Ruby Bleu said...

Wow - those are great pressies!!! And I do think that is Girl-Girl!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Kapp pack said...

Those are great toys....that was soooo nice of Texas. I can't wait to hear what you found at the beach!

Kisses, Sky

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh that's so nice of Texas to send you and Tia so many great gifts. You look bootiful in purple Sitka. :)
And the moving hamster is so cute.

~ Girl girl

Amici said...

Woo Woo! Presents are the best and they are so FUN to receive. :) You must be the greatest husky ever because you get so many of them! :)

We liked them all and hope you have a great time playing with them.

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Those toys look awesome!! And purple is a great color.


PS. Are you ready for some football? I hope we can still be friends of OSU beats GA on Saturday!! (Steve wants me to make sure I mention that he doesn't like OSU and supports Texas A&M, so you can be friends with him no matter what.)

Holly said...

Wow, how nice of Texas to send you such great pressies!!! I think the rat does look a lot like Girl Girl too!! Your video was cute! You have such BIG eyes!! Those little pawphans are soooo adorable! I can't believe you didn't get to play with them!


Macie-Malechai said...

Woo Sitka! What great toys you both got! We really like the purple bandana, it looks bewootiful on you! Hope your paw is all healed from your lady carving you up!
Face Licks, M&M

Ferndoggle said...

Holey Moley! That Texas is so darn thoughtful! I think you look bootiful in purple.

Mom is SO jealous of your pawphans!! Keep them safe.


Frasypoo said...

Thats some great goodies !!Your scarf is neat,a very royal coloR!!

Luckie Girl said...

That was a great HAUL. :) Have fun with your goodies!

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

What a whole lot of gifts! So sweet of Texas.

Boy n Baby

The Army of Four said...

Ah wooooooo! That sure was nice of Texas!
Hey Sitka - I wear a purple bandana sometimes, TOO! You look really bea-woo-tiful in yours; it's a great color for you!

Maggie & Mitch said...

Wow! You guys scored bigtime! How sweet of Texas!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch