Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tia Update - Day 6

Update 8:30pm - Just a quick paw of a note – Hubby went and visited with Tia this afternoon (since I had to teach dance). He spoke with the vet and Tia is set to be discharged at 2 pm tomorrow! He thought about discharging her tomorrow morning, but he said that he would rather wait until a little later in the day. She had not thrown up anymore and is eating food and drinking water. Hubby observed that she was up, moving around and VERY vocal. Her paws where she had the IV, looks like it has gone down from being poofy!

I will keep you all posted tomorrow once I get her home :)

(2:41pm) Hey everyone,

I have a good yet bad update for you all….

Hubby spoke with the vet. Tia is not coming home today. It appears that she threw up last night. We are not sure how much, but since she did, he is not sending her home. My fear is they gave her too much food for the first time. Anyways, since she vomited, he drew blood. But he was pleasantly surprised. Her Glucose was 113 (range 71-158) and her Lipas are 1320 (range 100-1400 – on Sat she was 1865, on Tuesday 1538)… so the lipas look great!!! Her Liver enzymes, kidney levels, and protein levels are good/normal. She did have a bowel movement. It was not diarrhea but it was a tad loose.

He did pull electrolytes. The sodium was low. Potassium was 10 (3.5 normal) and chloride was 130 (normal 129). He said this means that her system is a bit out of wack – that she has not adapted to the food yet. He feels certain she will get used to the food since she is still eating it.

He said the vomit was not abnormal, and the reason to keep her tonight is a precaution. If tonight goes well, then she should come home tomorrow. The vet is going back to the office between 4:45 and 6 and will call hubby on his cell to give an update. Hubby is going to go see her since I will be teaching dance. The vet did say she had good energy and he is encouraged by her Glucose and Lipa levels. He thinks she is going to be ok.

I will continue to update as I have info....

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tia Update - Day 5

Update 9:30PM - Sorry for waiting to late to post today. I just got home from teaching 5 hours of Tap and Jazz Dance Classes. I was not able to go see Tia this afternoon, but my husband did. He spend an hour or so with her and she spent most of the time wanting a belly rub :) Here is what he told me: The Vet tried her on wet food earlier today. She turned her nose up at it (I guess due to the lack of carrots, lol). He then tried her on dry food, and didn't think she would eat that at first at either. But she did! He stopped back by to look at her half an hour after he first put the food down and she had almost cleaned her bowl. She also drank some water and is off IV fluids. He actually considered discharging her this evening, but decided that he needed to see if she kept the food down. (Hubby went around 4 this afternoon to see her.) If all goes well tonight, she should be discharged sometime tomorrow with a special diet to follow! She will have to go back in a week to have bloodwork done to check her levels.

So, this sounds promising. I am not going to get all excited because if she can't come home tomorrow I don't want to get my hopes up... but I AM THINKING POSITIVE :)

11:22 AM - Well, I don't really have much to update this morning with regards to Tia. I visited with her for about 30 min this morning with the hubby. Doc was not in yet. Was told he would give me a ring when he got in after he examined her.

She did make a poo over night. I guess it was in her system since Sat morning and finally worked its way out. At least it was solid and not runny :) I will know more when the Doc calls, but just wanted to tell you all she is looking good. He did give her fluids last night via shot instead of an IV. The Tech said this morning that he wasn't going to make her mad by running the IV line, LOL! My baby is keeping everyone on their toes. Oh, the Tech told me that everytime she walked into the animal area yesterday, Tia popped right up and looked at her, meowed as if to say, you are not my mama, now where is she!

It sounds positive to me that she is getting up everytime someone walks into a room rather than laying there. As always, thank you all for your vibes :) They really are helping. I will update when I know more :)

P.S. I posted some photos and videos of her last night. Scroll down if you have not seen those. Oh, several people have asked if Sitka misses Tia. Oh she does. She runs around the house looking for her. I just have to lay on the floor when I get home from visiting Tia to let Sitka smell her scent!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tia Update - Day 4 - Photos and Video

If you have not read, click HERE to see her blood work results from earlier today - Day 4 :)

I really want to thank everyone for your kind comments that you all have been leaving on my blog. It is such a comfort to read your words from those I have met, and those that I am meeting now for the first time. It means alot that you take time out of your day to come check on my little girl.

I just got home from my evening hour visit with Tia. She spend the majority of the visit purring, giving me nose kisses, rolling on the new "home smelling" blanket that I brought for her, and showing me her flexibility while she was taking a bath.

The Doc said that he had to take our her IV as it got blocked. So, her poofy foot is going down nicely. He said he had to give her fluids by a big shot today :( He said he would run another line in her other paw for tonight and the rest of her stay. He said that he is a bit cautious with her having thrown up this morning, but the fact that her levels are coming down, he is going to test her tomorrow evening with some solid food. If all goes well, he COULD discharge her on THURSDAY! Oh my goodness, I looked to my husband when he walked out of the room to make sure I understood correctly. I am not going to get all excited because I don't want to get my hopes up if she can't come home on Thursday, but that won't stop me from hoping. The sucky thing is his office is closed on Thursday (yet he will still make his morning and evening rounds), so if she does not come home on Thursday, the chances that I get to see her are unlikely.

I finally remembered to take my camera with me today rather than using my cell phone camera. So I want to share some photos of Tia and two videos of her that I took this afternoon. She is looking very good - a million times better than she looked on Saturday when we took her to the vets office. So, that is such a relief. I am just ready for her to be home. I do feel blessed that I found such a great vet. He really believes that visitations from family really help the animal heal - physically and emotionally. I agree. I feel it is the same with humans. He does not mind that I come and hang for an hour or two, and that pleases me. I know all of the other animals in there now and I talk to them as well (of course I give my baby the most attention). Ok, without further adieu...

This first video shows her "trying to escape" from her home away from home.

This next video just shows her fixated on washing the sticky off her fur from where the IV line was.

Hope you all enjoyed these photos of Tia. She looks happy (or as happy as she can be given the circumstances). Please continue to keep us in your thoughts as we continue the road to recovery - AND HOME!

Hugs - Shelli & Sitka

Tia Update - Day 4

UPDATE at 12:47 pm: I just spoke with the vet. He ran a mini-blood work on her this morning. Her Lipacytes (Lipas) have dropped significantly!! The normal range is 100-1400. She came in on Saturday and they were 1865. Today, they are 1538. So we are heading in the right direction. Her Glucose has dropped too. Normal range is 71-159 and on Saturday she was 196. Today, she is at 80. WOO HOO! He said this shows that we are progressing in the right way.

Regarding the yellow vomit. It is bile and it happens when you have an empty stomach. He is going to give her Metoclopramide. I googled it and here is what one website says: "Metoclopramide increases muscle contractions in upper digestive tract. This speeds up the rate at which the stomach empties into the intestines. Metoclopramide is used short-term to treat heartburn caused by gastroesophageal reflux in people who have used other medications without relief of symptoms. Metoclopramide is also used to treat slow gastric emptying in people with diabetes (also called diabetic gastroparesis), which can cause nausea, vomiting, heartburn, loss of appetite, and a feeling of fullness after meals." So, this should help ease her tummy since she does not have any food on it. Also, maybe will help her little drool that she has going on.

I questioned the fact that the room is warmer than what we keep our house set at and asked if that would affect her system. He said that her body will adjust to the environment that she is in, so that would not be a factor. Makes sense, but I wanted to ask.I leave work at 2, but need to go check in on Sitka. Then, I will go over and visit her before they close at 6 tonight.

We are heading on the right road to recovery. Keep the positive thoughts coming and that MAGIC SIBE MAL MIND MELD Coming!!!!

Good Morning (9:17am)...

I went and visited with Tia for about 25-30 min this morning. She was very alert and very vocal! I am sure she was telling me she was ready to leave and that she was over that place. She had thrown up once over the night. It was yellowish. There was just one place and it was dry, so it had to have happened late last night or very early this morning. The Doc was not in yet, so I asked that he call me and let me know how she is doing from his point of view and why she may have gotten sick. I hope this little spit up is not some sort of set back. I am keeping fingers and toes crossed!!! I will update once I have spoken to the vet!


Monday, January 28, 2008

Tia - Vet Update - Day 3

PM UPDATE (4pm): I just returned home from the vets office. I spent about an hour with Tia, just loving on her, talking to her, and giving belly rubs. She gave some major purr and tried to push past me to escape, hehehe! The Doc said she is looking good still. He said it may be Friday before she comes home :( He said he is going to try to push some solid food on her Wed and see how she does. So, we will just have to wait and see. I want my baby home with me, but I want her to get well on the same side of that. The plan now is, I will go again in the morning on my way to work and see her and give her some kisses. Keep all paws and fingers crossed.

Hey everyone...

After a long day yesterday and not getting to see my baby, we went this morning on the way to work to check in on her. She looks real good. It took her a minute or two to turn on the love. I wonder if she just needed to focus and see that it was me and not someone else. But once she did realize it was me, the PURR BOX TURNED ON! She was nudging my head; meowing at me. She smelled her frog that I took her and the blanket that we took as well. She seemed happy!!!
We stayed with her for about 10 minutes, then talked with the vet for a while. He said she was looking good. We understood from him that blood work would not be ran until either Wed of this week, or Saturday. He said "in a week", so to me that means this Saturday. He also hinted that he may start her on some solid food tomorrow and see how she does. She is going to the potty which is good (only pee, no poo). Her foot, where the IV is, is "fat". The Doc said he would give her something to help it go down. He said some animals just do that. Nothing wrong with her, just how her system reacts to it. She is still getting an antibiotic shot, just to be on the safe side.
When I leave work today, I will go home and love on Sitka, then head over to the vet and spend some more time with Tia. The vet told me I could come as often as I liked. He believes that being around those you love help you heal faster. I agree.

So, that is where we are at right now. From just her appearance, she is looking good, which makes me happy. It has been so hard not having her at home with us. Sitka spent most of the day yesterday walking through the house looking for her. She never whined, just searched. I told her that Tia was at the vet and she was coming home to us soon!

Thank you for your positive vibes and thoughts. Keep them coming ;)

Shelli (& Sitka)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tia - Vet Update

First - if you have not read this - do so, then continue to read this post. Oh, and don't forget to read this post as today is Tia's 15th Meowday!

From Shelli: The vet said when he got there to look in on her this morning, she was much more compliant than she was yesterday. She was active. While he had not retested her blood work, she looks better than she did yesterday. As a result he is very optimistic (but told us to keep in mind he had not drawn blood to check her #’s, but all is looking good). We will go see her this evening. Hopefully everything can be timed so that we catch him when he is there to go over for a few minutes. That is all I want. I just want to touch her, kiss her, and give her her frog toy and blanket.

Thank you all for your well wishes and positive thoughts. Sitka and I will continue to keep you all posted as we get info.

Hugs - Shelli

Happy 15th Birthday Tia

Woooo Friends....

I wanted to take a moment to wish my beautiful big sister, Tia, a Happy 15th Birthday. I am sad she can not spend it here with me but mom and dad will go visit her today and give her kisses! If you have not read about why she is at the vets, click here.

I wanted to share some few bee-wootiful photos of her taken a few days ago. She LOVES to sit by the air/heat vent and let is blow on her face. She also likes to sit in the sunlight. So, here ya go.

Happy Meowday Tia!!! Hurry home!!!

Love, Sitka

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tia - At the Vet

Wooo Friends.....

Today was a long day for mom and dad. They had to take Tia to the kitty hospital. They had to take her blood and admit her for some extra care for the next 5 days. I am gonna pass my blog over to mom so she can share the details with you all. I miss my big sis and hope she gets better soon and comes home a healthy kitty. Tomorrow is her 15th birthday and I really wanted to spend the day with her.

Hugs and Kisses - Sitka

Hi everyone, Shelli here. Here is what is going on. It feels like today has lasted for several days. We have gotten home and settled in. Sitka has been through the house looking for Tia. All she knows is we left with her and came back smelling like her, but did not bring her home with us.

Here is what happened. She ate her dinner last night and seemed fine. She gets dry Innova (when she wants it) and wet Innova in the am and pm. We fed her the wet last night, she ate it all. She threw up somewhere after Midnight. It was just clear, mucus stuff. She threw up two more times before 8am, and again at 9 this morning. She was looking very mopey. I put her on her blanket downstairs and she just slept, yet reacted when I called her name. We (husband and Sitka) left at 10 and went to Petsmart (to get Tia some birthday pressies) and ran a few other errands. We returned home around 12. I had tried to give her a piece of ham and she turned her nose up at it. Umm… This cat never turns her nose up at ham. She threw up again around 12:40. I told Jeremy something was wrong and we needed to find a vet to take her to since hers closed at 12:30. I did not want to take her to the emergency vet (since it is 300 bucks to walk in the door) if I could help it. So, we found one who closed at 1:30 and said they would see us. So, we literally raced over there. He was finishing up with a patient, so we had to wait, but that gave Tia some time to calm down (since this cat never leaves the house).

Anyways, we really liked him. He explained everything before he did it. He told us what he thought the issue was given what we told him, then he the only way to figure out what it is was to blood work, and asked if we consented. Oh course! These animals are my kids and I am going to do anything and everything in my power to give them the care they rightfully deserve. So, he did a full blood work up and electrolytes as well (since we know Tia has a potassium deficiency). He also did a urinalysis. Here are the results from that:

Spec. Grav. 1.005
PH 7.0
Leucocytes ++
Protein 30
Nirtite – Neg
Ketones – Neg
Bilirubin +
Blood – Neg
Hemoglobin - 1

The blood work came back to what he figured our issue would be. It shows that she has Pancreatitis. Everything was in the normal range except her Lipacyte (sp?) was 1865 U/L (normal range is 100-1400). Her Glucose was also up – 196 mg/dl (normal is 71-159). He said he is not really worried about the Glucose as it may just be elevated because she was dehydrated. There were some other things that came up in the high range (These are the different parts of what was out of wack, I think):

HCT – 49.7% (preferred 24-45)
HGB – 15.2 g/dl (preferred 8-15)
GRANS – 15.8 x10(9)/L (preferred 2.5 – 12.5)

So, basically she will be there through Wednesday. She is hooked up to an IV. All we had to leave with her was a sheet we keep in the car for Sitka. At least it smelled like her and us from being in the car. The vet will be there tomorrow morning and evening. He said we could just call, and if he is there, we can come over and see her. I feel so helpless, but I know she is somewhere where she can get the help she needs. She will be on Science Diet i/d (I think is what he said) when she comes home. Good thing I did not go to the store today to get her more Innova. I just hate that my baby won’t be home tomorrow to celebrate her 15th birthday.

Anyways, that is where we are at the moment. I kissed her and gave her all kinds of loving. I miss my baby and I hope she gets better soon so she can come back home with me. Here is a photo of her right before we left her at the vet this evening.

Please send your thoughts and prayers that my baby (and Sitka's big sister) gets better soon!!!
Hugs - Shelli

Friday, January 25, 2008

Leaving on Aire Ruby....

Woo Woo Wooooooooooo!!

Let me tell you! Tia is one happy kitty. She is kinda excited to turn 15 on Sunday!!!

Well, to get the party started .... I woke her up bright and early this morning and told her she had a surprise. She is very excited to travel Aire Ruby to her surprise MEOWDAY Bash in Jamaica! I am sure we are going to have some pawtastic photos to show you when we return!!!

BIG Hugs,

Monday, January 21, 2008

Banananana Pops

Wooo Woooo Woooooo!

Guess what??? Mom made Banananananananana Pops today. Do you remember when my BFF Khyra posted about her recipe for them? Well, mom FINALLY made me some.

It is real simple! All you need is yogurt and bananananananas (they can be ripe or turning, your preference). Mom cut a bananananananana up, then took the mashed potato masher and gave them a little mush. Then she added some Vanilla Yogurt to them and mixed it up. Then, she poured it into little cups like Steve and Kat's mom did. She stuck them into the freezer until it was frozen nice and solid.

So, here I am today enjoying them. Oh YUMM! She put it in the bowl for me, but I helped her out a bit by removing it from the bowl and put it on the floor. Why dirty up a bowl?

Oh it was so good. Check me out here in this video clip.

Tia even had some. She thought it was real tasty!!! She thanks Khyra for sharing this yummy recipe with everyone!!!

Well, I hope your mom and dad will make you some Bananananananna pops too! Khyra's mom puts it in marrow bones that you can get at the pet store. I think you can use that, or a kong if you want that kind of treat. Me, I will take mine served up in a bowl or on the floor, thank you!

Hugs - Sitka

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Potential Snow...

UPDATE 2: So at about 6:15, we got some snow flurries with some rain. So, here I am standing outside watching it fall. You can see some of the white flakes in the photo with me. Ha roo! Now, I want more! It is currently sleeting on and off right this moment (6:45).UPDATE 1: Well, boo on the weather man. He has still not brought my snow to me. Currently (at 3:42pm), it is snowing about 30 min north of me. So, come on to me, please!!!!

Ok... do you need to refocus your eyes to read that title line???

Ok, did you refocus. Are you seeing straight? Yes, Central Georgia is under a heavy snow warning!!! I could not be more pleased in waking up this morning. They are saying 1-3 inches, which is pawsome. I have seen a ice storm, but I have never seen snow. I wonder if it tastes good???

I will keep you all posted....

By the way, did you see my post yesterday. You have to: Don't Tell Tia.

HUGS! Sitka

Friday, January 18, 2008

Don't Tell Tia

Wooo all of my friends!!!

Guess what? Tia is turning 15 on January 27th and Ruby and I have teamed up to throw a very special surprise party for her!!! She wants everyone to come, especially her boyfriend, Wilber. After all, what Tia doesn't know is that I have a big surprise for her. I have a very special Ity Bity Yellow Polka Dot Bikini for her to wear JUST for Wilber.

So, do you want to know where we are going? We are doing to a Sandals resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica. As Ruby said, "We can surf and eat jerk chicken and build sand castles and play beach volleyball, para-sail and drink pina coladas...oh my I could just go on and on!!!" Take a look at this place. Isn't it beautiful???

So, leave me a comment, or go to Ruby's site and tell her you want reservations. This will actually be a weekend affair - January 25-27. So, I hope you all can make it!!!

Ruby added, "I can just see it now...Sitka and Zimmy lying in the shade sipping a frosty beverage. Tia and Wilbur playing volleyball, Joe and Sophie lounging on a raft...oh, what fun we will have." Oh, I don't know about anyone else, but sipping a nice frosty drink with Zim makes my heart flutter!!!

I really hope you all can make it. We are going to have a wonderful time AND Tia is going to be SOOOOO surprised. I just want me big sis to feel very special, and that won't happen if you all are not there to share it with us!!

Hugs and Kisses,

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mail and Awards!!!

Wooo Everyone....

Guess what? Today I received a package (ok, Tia's name was on it too). I immediately took a sniff and I KNEW where it came from - Singapore! Boy n' Baby sent me a Christmas pressie!!! We thought their package got lost, but it found it's way to us. So, let's take a peek inside.... Ohh, look at those nicely wrapped presents!

Hey Ma! Let me have my treats!!!

Now this is what I am talking about....

Tia got some interesting treats. They look like little fish! I tried my best to have some of her treat when she tasted them, but mom told me "Nonononono!"

Boy n' Baby were very thoughtful and included a little present for mom. It is a Body Mist to give mom an extra nice smell. Here I am giving it a smell with my snooter!!!

They also sent a very cool Christmas Card with our package. Their mom has such pretty handwriting!!!

One last thing to show you. Check me out modeling my new ORANGE bandanna. I think I look rather nice in orange, don't you?

So I say....

You two (and your mom) are soooo sweet! We love our pressies and thank woo very much!!!

Now, I have to awards to report on. The Army of Four are so gracious that in the past week they have awarded me with two more awards. The first one is a Thinking Blogger Award! WOW! Zimmie (my handsome red-head) said, "Come to think of it, I spend a LOT of time thinking about Sitka, so I'm going to give the Thinking Blogger Award to her, too. " WOW, he spends alot of time thinking of me! I am totally blushing! This award is exactly what it is called - Thinking Blogger Award. You are to give it to 5 friend's who make you think!

I would like to award this award to the following (for the following reasons AND MANY more unlisted ones): Ivy (for always keeping us second guessing those squirrels), Maverick the Pirate (for always keeping us on the search for the nessie), Turbo (for keeping us focused on his campaign trail), Sophie (for always keeping us thinking about everything), and Putter (for reminding us that one pup can keep up with twin boys).

The Army of Four also presented me with the Best Friends Award. I know some of you may already have received the award, but I would like to return this award to it's presenter, The Army of Four, Holly, Khyra, Steve, Kat, & Wilber, Tucker, Dot, Bear, & Sam.

I really wish we could give these awards to more than 5. And you know what? I am going to do just that. Everyone else, please award yourselves with these two pawsome awards. Everyone has their own unique way of making us all think AND I have been blessed to have met you all through blogging, so I consider you all very special friends!!!

Well friends... sorry for the long post, but I had to get some stuff out there (especially since mom has dance Wed and Thurs night so she can't help me blog).

OH!! Also, keep your paws crossed. There is a chance that we will get SLEET AND SNOW on Wed night/Thurs morning. OH GOODY GOODY GUMDROPS! I will keep you posted. There also looks to be a chance on Sunday night/Monday morning.


Friday, January 11, 2008

Tubey - This Tube's For You

Woo Woo Woo Pups, Girl Girl, and Wilber (and other kitties)...

My friend Turbo, aka Tubey, aka our next President, loves to play with tubes! Well, I wanted to share with you a fun moment that I had with a wrapping paper tube before Christmas. I am sorry that I have not posted it until now, so, here it is... check this out.

Here is a video me playing with this great thing!!!

Oh, The Army of 4 gave me a pawsome award!!! I will post about it tomorrow.

Hugs, Sitka

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A pawsome award...

Wooo to all of my friends!!!

I am sorry that I have been missing in action for about a week here. Mom has been hogging the PC (literally) since my last post about Zim's birthday. See, she is a dance teacher, and they have been on Christmas Break from classes. Well, Wed, she returns to class to begin her recital dances. Well, on Dec. 31, she sat at the PC for nearly 5 hours listening to music and looking up lyrics to make sure the songs did not have anything bad in them. Then, she claimed she had to take some days to listen to the music and let it inspire her to what steps to create with the music. So, on Sunday, she entered panic mode! Friends, let me tell you - I was neglected for like 3-4 hours on Sunday. All she did was sit at the PC, listening to her music, pen in one hand, and was writing down combinations, hand movements... then she would stand up, and perform the steps to see if they worked with the music. I did make that part a bit hard for her in the sense that I got up off the sofa and helped her perform the dance moves. She was not 100% pleased since I "was in her way," but I think I helped her. Anyroo, she has made some good headway in her dances, so now she is not so stressed out.

I am also sorry that I have neglected to visit all of your blogs. I feel really bad. I will be playing catch up the next few days!!

So, I just got back from a walk with mom and received a message from Storm! Guess what? She and the rest of the AO4 send me a very special award!!! Also, my BFF Khyra gave me the same award. WOW! I can't believe it. Storm said that the "rules are to pass the award along to up to 10 people whose blog brings you happiness & inspiration and makes you feel happy about Blogland." Wow! I can't believe I am a part of this group. How Khool!

This is going to be HARD to only give this to 10 people because you all totally rock. So, I am going to give this award to:

I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!!!

Hugs, Sitka (& Meows from Tia)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Zimmie

Wooooo Everyone.... Well, we are already bringing in 2008 on the right paw!!! Ha rooo (Amber, I hope you liked that.) Grab a piece of Apple Cake and help me celebrate a special event today. It is my Zim's 8th Birthday. I sure hope he has a great and blessed day with his brother, sisters, mom & dad. He is such a special red-head to me and I wish him 8 more years (at least)!

Oh, I almost forgot, per Lorenza's request, here is the recipe for my mom's Apple Cake (you can see step by step picture cooking instructions here):

3 eggs
2 cups sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
3 cups of self rising flour
1 ½ teaspoon baking soda
½ teaspoon salt
1 ½ teaspoon nutmeg
1 ½ teaspoon cinnamon
3 cups chopped apples (chopped in medium-small chunks, not diced)
¾ cup chopped nuts (optional)

Using blender – cream first four ingredients (eggs, sugar, vanilla, flour). Add dry ingredients and stir well. The mixture is going to be very stiff – You will think you need to add water or something… but trust me - don't (the apples will create the moisture for you). Mix in apples and nuts (Mom had to do this with her hands). Bake in a greased and floured bundt pan (again, she used her hands to put the mixture into the pan and press it down) at 325 degrees for 1 ½ hour

So, get your human up and get her/him in the kitchen to make you an Apple Cake!!!

Happy Birthday my Zimmie! I hope you have a great day AND get your very own Cup of Joe!
Sitka (Tia says Happy Meow as well)