Friday, February 29, 2008

A Secret Trip

Wooo Friends...

Guess what? Mom, Dad, and I are going to a fun place on Saturday. Tia is going to stay home and guard the house, as the drive is about 2.5 hours and well... Tia does the horka when she is in the car. :( So, I leave you with a sneak peek! I will update you all on my trip when we get home Saturday night!!!

Hugs and Woos - Sitka

P.S. Happy Leap Day!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Harrrr, a Parrot!

Harrrrr and Wooooo! Guess what??? Mom got me a Parrot! Well, not exactly a real one, although it squawks at me and says "Hello!" Here is a photo of my new friend and myself.

Isn't it cute???? So, mom took a wee bit of video of the Parrot and myself. I finally figured how to make him talk over and over and over and over and over and .... well, you get what I mean.
Now the sweet Parrot has a gash in his wing and his insides are coming out. Mom took him up from me. Humph! I just needed to get to his sound box, but mom did not think it was necessary! Any ideas how I can get my Parrot friend back???
Hugs - Sitka

Monday, February 18, 2008

Crate and Tornados

Woo friends...

Back in January mom decided to get me a crate! She thought it would be good to have for when we travel, so she got one of those ones that fold up! Anyroo, I wanted to share a few photos and videos from right when Mom brought it in the house. It is very interesting. I have to say mom is making it a positive place for me to get into. Especially when Tia gets inside it - I really want to be in there too!

Drum roll... who do you think was the first one to get into the crate and take a bath??? If you answered Tia, you are correct!

I just could not stand it! She looked so cute at her that I had to woo at her.

Oh, you want to hear that woo? Your wish is granted! Please excuse the fact that the video is blurry. Apparently mom must have had too much AGJ (adult grape juice) that evening, ha roo roo roooooo!

Oh, and then there is Wonky! He and I get along pretty well. Mom tossed him in the crate. Oh course I went in after him. Oh, there is video of that too!

I don't really get in it and lay down. Tia is the one who does that. She drags toys into the crate... mine and hers! I have not been "zipped up" in it yet... mom mentioned something about trying that out since now I am used to going in and out of it!

So... moving on to last night! We had a tornado come right past our house! Mom was very scared. The storm system that had the tornados in it, hit within a mile of my granna's house, within a mile of my greatgranna's house, and within a mile of my house! All in three different counties! We did not have damage to our home or yard. This was not as bad as the tornados that rolled through almost a year ago. We all huddled up in the closet downstairs together last night - with the laptop! Thanks to SMS who helped keep my mom sane!!!

I am sorry that I am not commenting all the time on your blogs. I am reading them, I promise!

Toodles and Hugs! Sitka

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Today's post serves three purposes! First, I want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!!! I sure hope you are getting extra belly rubs, ear scratchies, and treats!!!!

Second, I wanted to thank the Army of Four for a WONDERFUL package that they sent to us on January 26th (the day Tia went into the hospital). I would like to tell you a bit about that surprise package!!! Here is my lovely snooter checking out the box!

Mom finally helped me to get it open and look what is inside! The Army of Four's mom wrapped each piece individually. How sweet it that? So, you may see something with Pet Store Fabric on it? Well that is the Z-Bag named after my handsome Zimmie!! Zim's mom is amazing at making quilts, purses, etc! She is one talented lady. Do you remember my quilt they made for me? The second photo shows ALL of the goodies that were in the box for Tia and me... oh, mom too (as the purse is for her).

Oh.... These greenies smell yummy! I immediately looked cute so she would give one to me.

Now, the third reason for today's post goes with the second reason. Do you recall Tuesday's post from Zim? He talked about having a friend who was on a mission. Well, that friend completed his mission and arrived to my home. Look at my "Love" Stuffie!

Now Zim did mention that the little friend had a message. Zim wrote, "OK, little guy! You know what to do, right? Find her! Find her and tell her!" Isn't he such a romantic? Well, I sent him a little stuffie too and I gave my stuffie the SAME mission that Zim gave his stuffie. Here is what I told Zim - I wish I could give your snooter a kiss on Valentine's Day, but I hope the little stuffie will do.

Happy Valentines to MY Zim and to all of my lovely and wonderful friends.

P.S. Tia would like to wish boyfriend, Wilber, a VERY Special Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Playing Catch Up...

Well as the title says - I am playing catch up. I have been tagged twice and given two awards... so that is what I want to blog about today.

Cap’n Maverick tagged me like 2 weeks ago to name my 5 favorite things under three different categories. So, here it goes....

Our fave 5 TV shows
1. Dirty Sexy Money
2. Big Shots
3. Heroes
4. Any Dog Show on the Animal Planet
5. Amazing Race

Our fave 5 Movies
1. Just Married
2. Oceans 11 (however it would be cool if it was Siberian’s 11)
3. The Devil wears Prada
4. Meet the Parents
5. Meet the Fockers

Our fave 5 words to say or things to hear
1. Wooo
2. Ha roo roo rooooooooo
3. Do you want to go ride???
4. Don’t put Tia’s head in your mouth! (Hey, I just want to give her loves!)
5. Do you want to go to Sonic?

The Army of Four also tagged us to tell our friends (and them) 7 weird facts about my sister and myself.
1. I can do the froggy doggy with any one of my paws, but can’t do all of them at once.
2. When I go outside to potty before my parents leave for work, I refuse to eat a treat. I will save it for when they return.
3. Tia LOVES to drag items throughout the house… mom’s panties & bras, blankets, my toys… she doesn’t discriminate.
4. I secretly love catnip! It smells SOOO good.
5. I love to pop tennis balls and Tia loves to carry them though the house
6. Usually between 2am-6am, Tia will sometimes bat mom and dad in the mouth to get them to get up, open the bedroom door, so she can go prowl.
7. Tia enjoys my crate way more than I do!

Wow! That sure was alot of thinking there. I would like to tag Steve, Kat, and Wilber on the 5 thing's game. I would like to tag Tia's new friend Sassy on the 7 weird things tag.

Moving right along to my two awards.... oh, OUR two awards.... First the Army of Four presented us with this E for Excellent award. They were told that the "award is given to bloggers who have wonderful outstanding styles and a fantastic ability to keep us thinking, amused and entertained." WOW! Thanks you 4 for including Tia and myself in such a pawsome and meowsome award!!!

Jan's Funny Farm presented Tia with a special award. It is called the Friend of a Woofie award. This is an award given to a kitty who has a woofie as a friend. Jan said, "If they let a woofie blog sometimes, posts information on woofie safety, or just love to cuddle with a woofie of their own," then that kitty needs this award. So, Tia's request was that her boyfriend Wilber be given this award. Thanks to Jan and her crew for giving this award to my big sister!

Well, I think that I am almost caught up here. I am checking in on all of your blogs, even though I am not posting a comment every time. Things have been crazy here with Tia being sick and the parents running around like crazy people! They are always complaining about work and being tired and just want to stay home. So, I say STAY HOME for the love of fur! But they have not listened to me yet. Oh well!

Well, hope you all have a lovely weekend! Hugs and Purrs, Sitka and Tia

P.S. Tia went back today for her checkup from being at the kitty hospital. She is doing very well except her potassium level is still at a 10 (normal range is 3.5-5.8) and her Lipacytes have gone back up to 1623 (normal range is 100-1400). She put on a little over a pound in a week. When she left the vets a week ago, she was 7 lbs, and now she is 8.9lbs! Woo Hoo! So doc said she comes back in 2 weeks unless she gets sick. She is still on her prescription food (and will be forever). She completed her medicine to help her tummy digest food easily... so, we are all keeping our paws that she continues to keep her food down without doing the horka horka dance... Because if she does, it is back to the vets with her fluffy butt! So, keep those good vibes coming her way (just on the safe side).

Friday, February 8, 2008

A Surprise for Tia

Oh Friends... I have something fun to share with all of you. Our friend Sassy sent me an email and said that she, Asta, and Momo wanted to come over today and give Tia a Surprise Birthday party since she was in the vet's hospital when she turned 15. Isn't that totally pawsome and very sweet??? Here is Asta and Sassy on the plane heading to our house (photos by Sassy). Momo was busy assisting the pilots with the flying part!!!

Oh check them out!!! Sassy, Asta, and Mom at the airport! Look at their luggage... totally cute! They even had to go through security!! You should check out Sassy's blog and see what the security guard looked like! He looked like he was ready for Mardi Gras!! (photo by Sassy)

Oh friends... Tia was SOOOOO surprised when they arrived with the balloons! Wow.. Look at those! Sassy even had Tia's name put on them!

While Asta, Sassy, and Momo were on the plane, I had mom distract Tia so I could get the table set up as Sassy requested (photo by Sassy). Isn't everything beautiful???? Just look how everything is monogrammed JUST for my big sister!!!

Here is Tia blowing out her candle!!! Doesn't she look beautiful in her hat??? (left to right - Sitka, Momo, Tia, Sassy, and Asta - photo by Asta). Look at all of those pressies ALL for Tia.

Wow you three went above and beyond!!! This was such an awesome surprise that you did in Tia's honor - especially since her surprise weekend bash in Jamaica was cancelled. We certainly enjoyed spending the day with you all, eating birthday cake, having ice cream, and treats!! You three know how to travel in style, that is for sure.

Message from Tia: MEOW!!! This surprise party was meow-tastic! I can not believe you three went out of your way to surprise me with a birthday party - especially yummy cake! I feel very honored and blessed to have spent the day with you all celebrating my belated 15th Birthday. BIG MEOWS and Purrs!!!

Hugs, Tail Wags, Kisses, and Purrs.... Sitka and Tia

Monday, February 4, 2008

Présents de Faya

Oh friends.... Tia and I received the best smelling box in the mail on Friday. It came all the way from Switzerland! Tia et moi avons reçu la meilleure boîte sentante dans le courrier vendredi. Il est venu toute la manière de Suisse ! (Faya, I hope mom was correct in helping me with this translation.)

Friends, there were some awesome things in this box. Let me get started in showing you what Faya sent to me. Here I am with my beautiful bandanna and card from Faya!!! Me voici avec ma belles bandanna et carte de Faya!!!

Oh my dogness! Faya found these chocolate treats for doggies. Let me tell you friends, they are awesome!!!

Oh this is awesome. My mom was talking to Véronique about the harness that Faya has. Well guess what? Faya sent me one like her's. Don't I look cool???

Faya also sent me this cool stuffie. I think it is a fat cow, ha ro ro rooooo! I do know one thing - it is FUN! Mom took a bit of video of me playing with it. Please excuse her French accent. She is not very good, though she thinks she is, ha roo roo rooooo! I think if she did not talk in that baby squeaky voice, it would be alot better!

Faya was very sweet to think of Tia. She sent her these heart shaped salmon treats! Faya était très doux pour penser à Tia. Elle lui a envoyé ces festins saumonés formés par coeur !

Can't you tell that Tia LOVED them. Don't worry friends, mom only gave her one. She snapped the photo very quickly before Tia had the chance to pull one out.

Faya, thank you very much. We really appreciate everything that you sent to us. You are such a sweet and special friend and we love our prizes. Faya, merci beaucoup. Nous apprécions vraiment tout que vous nous avez envoyé. Vous êtes un tel doux et l'ami et nous spéciaux aiment nos prix.

Hugs - Sitka (et Tia)

P.S. We have not forgotten the tag from Maverick, the award and presents from the Army of Four, and a some treats we got in the mail today from Steve, Kat, and Wilber! Stay tuned.

Friday, February 1, 2008


WOO WOO WOO EVERYONE!!! Tia is home :)

I can't tell you how pawsome it is to have her home with me again. Mom told me that the vet said she was mopey all day long. Then when mom went to see her this afternoon to check her out, she perked right up, started purring, and got lots of loving. When she got home, I was ALL TAIL WAGS! I could not stop wagging it. I tried, but it would not stop. I smelled all over her. She smelled interesting. She did slap me once! I guess I deserved it! Oh, and there is video proof of the slap as well.

Well, here is a photo of me inspecting Tia....

Here is a video of me using my snooter to take a good sniff at Tia! (sorry the video is a bit dark)

Oh, while Tia was in the hospital, we got some packages!!! The Army of Four send some goodies. They sent me and mom some stuff to, but today is about Tia, so I will tell you about that later. Also, The Brat Pack also sent a package to Tia! It was her birthday package!!! How cool! So, here is Tia checking it out.....

Ok, so I needed to help Tia out some too. Let me tell you a bit about some of the prizes.... The Brat Pack sent the pink loofa dog, the strawberry, the square toy with a cat face on it, and some Feline Greenies. The Army of Four sent Tia the furry toy by Sitka's nose and a can of Pounce cat treats. One of mom's friends gave Tia some catnip balls and a bag of cat nip (to the right).

This video shows Tia checking out some toys... but mostly showing some interest in the toy from the Army of Four. Apparently you pull it's tail and it goes crazy (when it is on a slick surface).

And one last video... Mom was trying to get Tia to pay attention to her toys, but she was more interested in what I was doing. See those perky ears???

Tia sure is enjoying being back home. She is settling in nicely, but doesn't want to be poked too much by my snooter. Humm.... I guess she has been poked alot over the past week? Thank woo all for your kind words and always stopping in to check on my sister. Mom and I really appreciate it!!!!

Hugs - Sitka