Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fun and Exciting Weekend

WOOO Friends! This weekend has been a great one. First and most importantly, yesterday was my mom and dad's 5th wedding anniversary! They started the day off by going to Starbucks. I got to ride to and was able to get some good smelling in. Then, it was off to the Cherry Blossom Festival. If you recall, I went last year too. Unfortunately mom's camera batteries died and we did not get any photos of Oakley! She is a 7 year old Siberian, who I met and played with! I am bummed about that. But today, she did remember to take the camera with CHARGED batteries. I met some cool Disc Dogs! They were cool!

Here is a photo of the Cherry Blossoms that mom took... and a photo of me with them. Oh course I would not sit like she asked me to. Oh well! They are still blooming... in our yard and across the street at the farm, so we will continue to try to capture the perfect photo :)

Ok Mom... I am totally ready to watch the show!

The Greater Atlanta Dog and Disc Club was there today with some of their amazing dogs doing Frisbee catch and performances. Check out a few of them catching their Frisbees. Some of the dogs that performed today are rescues! How cool is that?

Mom was able to get some video of one of the dogs doing their performance. Check it out.

Wasn't that cool? They were giving out free training guides as well. Dad picked one up. I wonder what they plan to do with that? If you are interested, they have it on their website, here.

After the show, we were all invited to go over to the dog's tents for a meet and greet! Here I am getting some Frisbee tips from two of the tops dogs of the day. And Zim... I promise you that I am not kissing either of these doggies. You are my one and only pup!

Finally, I spotted something...

Can you see what I found? They are baby Bengal Tigers. Their names are Ossira, Ravi and Sahib and they are making their debut at the Festival. They are about 7 months old and right over 100 lbs! WOW! Here are a few more photos of them "playing" around with some of the handlers.

It was a very fun weekend. The cool thing is that this Festival goes on for 10 days. And there are more activities next Saturday for Pups to go to. One of the rescues here is doing a free First Aid class AND are giving tips on how to get your dogs into agility. VERY KHOOL! I am looking forward to that.

Well, I enjoyed sharing some photos with you all. I hope you all enjoyed seeing them as well.

Hugs! Sitka

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hoppy Bunny Day

Tia and I wanted to wish all of our friends a lovely Happy Easter! Mom said that the Easter Bunny comes and brings all of the good boys and girls an Easter Basket filled with lots of yummies (including PEEPS). Well, Tia and I woke this morning, and there was not a basket to be found. So, here we sit and lay watching for the bunny to hop our way so we can kindly ask him where our PEEPS are.

Happy Easter to everyone!
Hugs and Meows,
Sitka and Tia

Friday, March 21, 2008

Shake it baby, shake it....

Hi friends!!!

Mom is hanging out with me at home today since she did not have to work (WOO HOO!). As she was cleaning up, she found a Siberian Stuffie that she had bought a while ago (umm... actually, she bought three). So, she decided to let me play with it... ok, let me HAVE it! Oh what fun I have had. It is like having my own puppy!

Mom was teasing me by putting my stuffie on top of my crate. That was mean, I think.

Ah yes... this is more like it. I shook and shook this stuffie. It really was a good one to shake. I even made it take flight. I shook it so fast that it got away from me and went sailing in the air, ha rooooo!

Ha roooo! That was fun. Did that give you a good image in your head at how I shook that stuffie? Now, wanna see it happen? (as usual mom sounds like a doofus, so ignore her, please!)

So, once I finished shaking and tossing the stuffie, I decided to get on the sofa with mom. "Hey Ma... I like this new toy. Thank woo!"

Well.... gotta get back to supervising mom as she cleans and folds laundry. A Sibe's work is never done!

Hugs - Sitka

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Helping Around the House

Meow Everyone, Tia here...

Well today, the mom and dad decided to go buy some bamboo blinds for the porch. Ummm.... I totally told them not to as it would block my sun when I do go out there to bathe. Well, the did not listen to me (as usual). It really was a long day of supervising them (as you know humans can't be trusted to do anything on their own), MEOW!!!!

Anymeow, I wanted to give you a few views of my area now....

So what do you think? Well I will tell you. Other than taking my sunlight away, the humans bought blinds that are TOO SHORT!!! They are about a foot and half short of reaching the floor. When I pointed this out to Mom and Dad, they just said, "well, it will look like the blinds are always rolled up a little." They are meowing clueless!!!

Well, it was a long day of supervising and I just wanted to show you what I assisted in.

Just check out that mouth!!!

Well friends, I hope all is well with you!!! Hope you had a lovely weekend and hope that your upcoming week will be a great one!!!

Meows, Tia

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My 4th Birthday!!!

Wooo! Guess what today is? It is my 4th Birthday! WOW! Can you believe that I once was this size?

I was a mere 9 pound ball of fluff! Now I look like this.... (Can you see that the mask bandit came and took some of my mask away?)

Well, I wanted to invite you all over for Ice Cream and CAKE (and other assorted doggy goodies)! I will report back to let you know what mom and dad (oh Tia too) have in store for me to help celebrate my special day. I am hoping for a nice juicy steak! So, in the meantime... I will be looking for you....
Hurry up and get over here so we can have fun!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Wolf Mountain Vineyards

Woooo!!! Thank woo all for your posts about my secret trip!!! I just got home, uploaded my photos, and am ready to share with you all about my special trip.

But first, I want to tell you how our trip came to light. This all started last weekend when Mom and Dad went and bought a bottle of wine called Instinct made by Wolf Mountain Vineyards. Mom looked more closely and realized that it was made here in Georgia in a town called Dahlonega (about 2.5 hours north of where we live). While she was on their website, she came across a news release about their beloved Cree passing away. Well, Cree, was a Siberian Husky! We were very sorry to hear of their mascot passing. They said on their site, "She spent many years greeting guests and steeling their hearts with her sweet smile and unforgettable blue eyes." Isn't that so sweet!!! Anyroo, mom emailed them to see if I could accompany them on a trip to their vineyards. Mom talked to this very nice lady (Lindsay) and she assured us that I was more than welcome to come on a visit and they even had outdoor seating in their cafe for me to dine! How cool! So, this was the photo that got all of the excitement started!!!

So without further ado.... Hello, My name is Sitka and I will be your tour guide today to Wolf Mountain Vineyards....

So, in order to get there, we had to pass through the big ATL (Atlanta). Here it is coming up.....

Once we were through downtown ATL, we came upon the King and Queen! These buildings are really cool at night all light up. Dad says they are called the King and Queen because they look like the King and Queen in the game of Chess!

Ahhh.... look upon the horizon... those are mountains that we are coming up on. Aren't they pretty????

Finally!!! We have arrived at Wolf Mountain Vineyards! It is about darn time. I have been in the car for far too long attempting to chase and woo at every person who passed our car on a motorcycle!

Now, I think this photo is very cool! As soon as we went through the entrance to the Vineyard, we had to climb this steep hill! I was sure glad that I did not have to pull the car up the hill! That would have required a LARGE team of Siberian Huskies!!! Once we arrived and parked, Dad went in to get the lay of the land. Mom found this old car with this display of used wine bottles!!!!

Dad was told that I could go anywhere on the property that I wished! Holy Huskies. How neat is that??? So, as Lindsay escorted us to our dining table out on the beautiful deck (that was recently built), I found something interesting.... Could that be a wolf? Oh no, just a statue!

Mom and Dad placed their food order. Shall we take a look at what mom ordered??? She had the Croque Madame. It was Smoked Turkey, Boursin Cheese & Herb Aoli grilled panini-style with Cibatta Bread and served with Oven Roasted Rosemary Potatoes. That made my mouth water. Oh, I almost forgot, Lindsay brought my my OWN personal bowl of water to go with the bites of Turkey that mom passed to me! How sweet!

And there was dessert! It consisted of Key Lime Cakes, Raspberry Cheesecake, and Chocolate Covered Strawberries! Mom said it was heavenly! Oh, Don't worry! I did sample the Key Lime Cake! I can 100% say you HAVE to try them!

I was extremely patient while they ate lunch AND did a wine tasting at the bar! I have to say, and don't want to brag, but there were several people who oooed and ahhhed over me. I received several rubs and kisses! Then, there was a lady who came all the way from the other side of the bar just to see me and tell me she had TWO at home! Umm... why didn't she bring them???? But Mom and Dad were both very proud of me for being such a good girl! I did attempt SEVERAL times to go behind the bar. For some reason, I was not receiving a tasting of these wines!

Now... on with the tour. Dad spotted this first! It is a wolf weather vane! I know that Holly Bolly Bannananana Boo's mom would LOVE to have this! I am sorry to report that I was not able to scale the owner's home to retrieve it for her. Sorry!

Did you know that you can get married there? Mom had a nice lady ask her if her and dad were getting married there! She told her no, that they were already married. Anyroo, I am standing right beside where someone would be married. It overlooks the side of the mountain and the vines.... Here, allow me to show you....

Here I am goofing off a bit....

Here I am showing you some of the vines that you can see from the Pavilion.

Shall we take a closer look???? I can't wait to return when they wake up (Mom said they are still sleeping and that is why there are no grapes on the vines!!!).

Ahhhh, this is the home of the owner (where the Wolf Weather Vane was). They have a view of the vines as well.

Ahhh, this is where the wine is made! The upper level was the tasting room and the Cafe! The downstairs is where they made the AGJ (adult grape juice - for those of you who don't know what that means).Just look at that view!!! Oh, see the lower level? Well, we talked with the son (Brannon) and he was cleaning out the big barrels that hold the wine. He told mom and dad that he had three Siberians at home and just talked of what a wonderful breed that they are.

Here I am standing before the beautiful waterfall that is under the deck of the Cafe! Isn't it just beautiful???
Well, that concludes the tour of the property! I hope you enjoyed hearing about my trip... but wait, there is more. Heading home, we saw this beautiful creek. So, mom asked dad to stop for a photo...

WHOA! What is this? It is hard to say for sure, since Dad can not get a clear view of it's tail, but it is either a groundhog OR a beaver! How furry cool!

So, for the continuation of the drive home, I could be seen doing this.....

Once we arrived home, we were thoroughly inspected by Tia. She asked me where we had been all day. She thought I may have been at the vets office like she was a month ago.. but then she discovered something on the hearth of the fireplace...

And I had to re-inspect the purchases from today!

In closing, let me say that if you are anywhere within driving distance, you should go check out Wolf Mountain Vineyards. It is certainly worth the trip and is very beautiful! I can say that our experience there was delightful! Everyone was so nice and gave me plenty of head rubbies and kisses! So, that is a bonus in my book! Mom said that we will definitely go for a visit again (soon!). Mom also asked me to add that their wines are very wonderful! I would not know since no one ever gave me a taste!

Hope you enjoyed hearing about our trip today :) Hugs and Woos, Sitka

P.S. Please don't think my mom is a lush! They only bought 4 bottles. Plus, there is no where here where they can get this wine, with the exception of the bottle of Instinct that we can get in our town!