Saturday, April 19, 2008

It is time to...

Wooo Friends...

It has come to our attention (thanks Tucker, Bear, Sam, and Dot), that our secretary (AKA MOM) is VERY bad! She has neglected us by not assisting us in posting on our blog. Sigh! I just am not sure what we can do about this.

Well, there really hasn't been anything much going on here. Tia has been demanding to go on the porch and sunbathe... and I... well, I just like to go out there and protect her, ha rooo!

Oh, at the end of March, we discovered that Tia has hyperthyroidism. So, mom has to now give her two pills a day (one in the AM and one in the PM). She is doing good, and goes back for a recheck on her blood work the first of June.

The other night, mom and dad ordered pizza! I scored a bread stick of my very own....

Tia and I have developed a new habit. We like to sit on the stairs together.

So, not much going on. I am sorry that my last post was like April 7th. I really didn't realize it had been that long.

Well, I need to finish catching up on all of your blogs!!!

Hugs - Sitka

Monday, April 7, 2008

Sitka vs the Toilet Paper Roll

Wooo Friends! This evening, we were chilling downstairs!!! Well, Tia decided it was time to go to bed (around 9pm), so I decided to accompany her to the bedroom. Mom and Dad were downstairs and kept hearing my tags rattle, then stop. Mom first thought I was harassing Tia, but Tia was not meowing like she normally does when I aggravate her. Then the rattling stopped. I heard mom say to dad that they should come up to the bedroom to see what was going on. So, once they topped the stairs and turned into the bedroom.... This is what they saw.

Mom asked, "Sitka Loo Loo, what have you gotten yourself into?" This was my response.

I am not sure what came over me, nor do the parents know where the roll of toilet paper came from, but this was a first for me and it was FUN!

Once I was finished rolling around on my shredded paper and tube, the parents removed it all from the bed. I then completed my fun with some zoomies in the bedroom!

Fun Times! Hugs - Sitka

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Making a KHAKE!

Woooo Friends....

Guess what I helped mom do last night? Do you remember the Banana Layer Cake recipe that the Army of Four posted? Well, I assisted (ok, Tia did too) mom in making one for us last night.

Please allow me to take you by a step by step process of the most important steps of making this delicious khake!

1. Carefully inspect the bananas that will be used in the khake!

2. Take a nap and awake to find that the first layer has been carefully placed on the plate to be iced!

3. Prepare to make the icing. But most importantly, make absolutely sure that all cream cheese is being used!

4. Once the icing has been mixed, make sure none is left on the beaters. This is a very important step! If the icing is not worthy of being put on the khake, your trustworthy Siberian will gladly eat what is not usable as you make a new batch.

5. Stand in the kitchen in awe of the icing that your mom has put on the khake! And use those Sibe Mal Mind Melds to get a taste.

6. Finally, once the icing has set up, the khake can be cut.

7. Most importantly... and the final step to ensuring that the khake is safe for everypup (ok, everyone) to eat, take a lick and see for yourself.

See, it is that easy! Now, get your human off the sofa and get them to make you a khake! Happy Sunday!

Hugs, Sitka