Friday, June 20, 2008

A Balancing Act

Just the other day, I was napping on the sofa. Not bothering anyone, just minding my own business. Mom got in her head that it would be fun to see if she can balance a cookie on my paw which was hanging over the side of the sofa. Are you kidding me? Fine, do whatever you want to mom, but I am not looking at the camera.

I decided to humor her and actually look at the camera this time.

Finally, she is done bothering me... Hey, why is there still a cookie on my paw?

Oh fun times in the summer when mom is home all day to bother my napping schedule. Haha, just kidding. I seriously love that mom gets to stay home most of the summer to keep me company :) Well, hugs and woos to all of you. Mom bought some paint today to try to figure out what she likes the best. I guess I know what she will be doing this weekend, or next week. Who wants to come over and put their paws in paint?

Hugs - Sitka

P.S. Please take a moment and head to Tubey's blog. His sweet sister Niki crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's gone to the birds...

WOOO! I thought that I would show you some of the tweets that have been handing out in my yard, since the Army of Four have tweets that they are sharing too.

The first thing I want to show you is not exactly a tweet... it is a Turkey. GOBBLE GOBBLE! So we were hanging out and mom's neighbor calls and tells us there is a Turkey in our yard to go out and see it. This Turkey had a purpose because he/she was walking as fast as those legs would take it. It is odd, because we don't really see Turkey's out walking around in our area.

Another morning while we were outside, I spotted this. Mom says it is a Robin. It was just hopping around sticking it's head in the ground. Humm... I do that at the beach when I dig in the sand... but I never pull out these worm things that mom says it is finding.

Oh the beauty of a Blue Bird! We have a Blue Bird house in our backyard and it stays occupied pretty much year round. Mom saw the dad handing out one day while we were in the backyard. Check him out... Isn't he lovely?

Our weather is odd here lately. Last week it was 100, and this week it is 90. by 11am, it was still 80 degrees. Anyroo, Mom, Tia and I were all sitting out on the porch this morning and watched the Blue Bird go in and out of the house, then bring food to feed the babies. They were all making such a racket!!! Mom took a video, but the stoopid neighbor decided to get out with his yard blower thing, so it is VERY hard to hear the babies. If you listen very carefully at the time the yard blower thing stops and starts back up, you can hear the babies talking. Enjoy!

Mom was able to get another photo. This one you can hear the babies better ... and the mom is feeding them this time rather than the dad.

Well, that is about all I got for today. Mom and I are about to start a house project together - painting the kitchen. She has to get it all finished soon.... you will know why later :)

Hugs - Sitka

Friday, June 13, 2008

Hard work

Meow friends.....

I have been hard at work this summer helping mom around the house. Just the other day, I helped her do laundry. Wanna see some videos of my assistance??? Enjoy!
(Make sure your volume is turned up, but please ignore my mom's unstable hand in the beginning of the first video).

Have a meowsome weekend!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Working with Mom

Woooo friends... Yesterday and today I went to work with mom! See, the fan in our AC unit broke and it has been about 94 here. Mom did not want to leave me at home in the hot downstairs so she took me to work with her. Don't worry, the upstairs unit works so Tia was ok.

Anyroo, I learned alot about this work place that mom goes to. Allow me to let you take a peek.

I began the day by removing the top to a water bottle!

Next I needed to assist mom with opening the safe.... and inspecting the contents of it!

Moving right along with the duties of the day.... Mom received a fax on the machine on her desk. At least that is what she said anyways. So, when she got it, she told me it was trash and kindly asked me to please put my talents to use and shred it.

Now came the cool part. I assisted with filing. Hey Mom, where does my nubbley go?

We had to answer some emails.... so I assisted, naturally, with that as well.

Mom took me into another room where there was this huge machine. She told me it was a copier. I was a little unsure of it... but decided to check it out.

Oh.... time to take a potty break and smell the flowers....

While we were out, the Fed Ex man came for a visit. He brought mom this good smelling package.

After some zoomies....

It was finally nap time.

Wow, this work thing sure is hard work. I wonder if I will have to do it again... hey wait... I have not been paid for my services from the past two days. I need to go remind mom that and take another nap. HUGS and kisses to woo all!

Hugs, Sitka