Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Harbor Report: News Edition

Happy Tuesday!

Dutch Harbor, AK
Current Conditions: 46F, 8C, Partly Cloudy

Wooo every one! I am so sorry it has been so long since we posted. We have had alot going on here at home. First, our Internet went out. It was out for almost 5 days and it was cramping my style. But Dad managed to get it fixed for me. A puppy has to have her daily entertainment :) Any roo, My mom's grandma had to have surgery on the 11th of this month. She had to have a partial hip replacement. Well the next day, she suffered a Massive Stroke on the right side of the brain. Mom said it was in the MCA, which basically is the main artery on the right side. Unfortunately, she passed away on the 17th (which was her 80th Birthday). Mom has been pretty heartbroken and in shock, so that is why we have been missing in action. We promise to catch up on blogs (we just checked; Google Reader said 751 unread). We will do our best to read all of them, but may not comment.

So while mom was spending lots of time at the hospital, we were busy at home looking cute and sleeping.

Tia has asked for a few words on my post today. So I will turn the blog over to her. Puppy Woos to all of you, Cornelia Marie.

Meow my friends. It has been a long time. I need to report on something that happened this morning. Somehow, someway, some red and white puppy (AKA Cornelia Marie) took my green frog hostage. She proceeded to slobber all over it and then something terrible happened. Mom took it from her and we noticed that Mr. Frog is about to loose an arm. MEOW! I am not happy about this. I don't understand why the puppy is attracted to my cat toys, but she needs to get over it and leave MY stuff alone. Here I am checking out Mr. Frog. And below the photo is a photo of his little broken arm.

I hope that mom can perform surgery on Mr. Frog and help make his arm better. I am not a happy Tia on this situation. If that puppy gets ahold of Mr. Frog again, the claws will come out!

Sitka, Cornelia Marie, Mom, Dad and myself hope that you all are doing well.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Petsmart and Football (Do Dawgs)

Hey everyone! Finally it happened today. Mom said since the UGA Football game doesn't start until 3:30pm that we could go to PETSMART! She also said since it had been three weeks since Cornelia Marie had all of her shots that she could go too! WOO HOO!

Cornelia Marie is wondering where we are going.

Cornelia Marie... LOOK! Your food is to the right. The Pink Bag... see? What are you snootering over there?

Isn't she a cutie???

Hey Zim.... Cornelia Marie finally found the right stuff. Umm... since you are the poster Sibe for Eukanuba... we thought we would find you in the store, or at least your photo on the bag, but we didn't. :(

Oh, I almost forgot. When we got into the store, we met this one kid who kept following us around. I was very happy with Cornelia Marie and how she accepted the kid. This was her first kid that she has been face to face with without a fence between them. Mom told the kid to be very gentle and let us smell his hands first and to pet us one at a time. Then his mom walked up and said, "Son, did you ask to pet those dogs first?" And he happily said, "Yes ma'am!"

Ah.... here we are all loaded up and already watered ready to go home. I ride with my car harness system while Cornelia Marie rides in her kennel. We tried the harness system with her, but she was not comfortable. Mom wants her to be comfortable, so we just put her kennel in the car and there ya go!

But wait... there is one other thing.... Since it is FOOTBALL Season, we got a FOOTBALL toy. Look at my ears, HA ROOO!

Ahh, what a fun fun fun day! Now, time for an afternoon nap before our DAWGS come on. Toodles!

Hugs, Sitka (and Cornelia Marie sends Puppy Woos!!!)

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Harbor Report: Wubba Edition

Puppy Woos everyone.

Dutch Harbor, AK
Current Conditions: 48F, 9C, Overcast

Ahhh, the Wubba. I think that it is potentially one of the funnest toys ever made. I love to bounce through the house shaking it from side to side in my mouth. I even love to play tug of war with Sitka using her Purple Wubba. Do you remember my past Harbor Report with my Wubba when I did the Wubba hop? Ahh, such fun, the Wubba.

Check out my wubba now! Oh, and Sitka with her Wubba too.

The coolest thing about a Wubba is that the it is good for playing Tug of War!

And guess what? Tia even has a Wubba too! Dave of the Army of Four picked out this pink Wubba for Tia. Wasn't that sweet of him? Tia LOVES her Wubba. she carries it all over the place. Mom came home from work the other day and the Wubba and the Frog were both in the middle of the bed.

Tia curled up at the foot of the bed so mom and Tia played with the toys that Tia had brought to the bed.

I personally LOVE Tia's Wubba too because it has CAT NIP and I LOVE CAT NIP! Why don't they make puppy toys with CAT NIP in it. I over heard mom and dad saying that in the winter time, there is cat nip that grows in our yard. HOLY HUSKIES! Can you believe it??? I am SO ready for this thing they call winter. I wonder what it means exactly.

Well, I best get back to playing with my Wubba! I hope every one is doing well and had a nice long weekend. I sure did!

Puppy Woos, Cornelia Marie