Thursday, August 20, 2009

Not my 'maters

Wooo Friends...

While CM was outside checking the vegetable garden with Dad, they found something getting dangerously close to the tomato plants! Dad and CM came running back in the house and told Mom to get the camera to take a photo. Wanna know what it is? Let's take a photo look...

It is a horn worm and they do bad things to our 'maters. See how big it is? I mean, it was well over 3 or 4 inches. It was munching on the gardenia bush. So, it had not made it's way to the 'maters. But WOW it was big. Apparently they spit when they are threatened. So as Dad had to move it to a new home, it spit on him. Ewwwww.

We are off to the University of Georgia tomorrow for CM's CERF exam. GO DAWGS!!!!! I am not sure she knows what it means because she has been running about the house excited because she thinks she is going surfing. Hummmm....

Happy Thursday!


Thursday, August 13, 2009


Woooo everyone :)

Finally! We have tomatillos! Well we have over 25 on the vines outside right now, but four were ready to come inside the house for us to eat. Oh wait. Mom just looked over my shoulder and said it was for her and Dad to eat, not us. We shall see about that. We are the ones who helped plant the seeds. We are the ones who watered every day. We helped inspect the vines of all of the vegetables. We DESERVE tomatillos. Oh wait. Mom looked over my shoulder again and said since we did provide our assistance, we can sample it. WOO HOO!

So here is what it looks like growing on the vine:

And here is what it looks like on our counter ready to eat... well almost. The husk has to be removed.
LOOK how yummy these tomatillos look.

And look how yummy it looks in CM's mouth, HA ROOO!

Hey CM..... This is how you are supposed to properly inspect the fruit.

Now you try....

Much better! Good Girl Cornelia Marie!

Now, what shall we make first with our first ever home grown tomatillos??? We have lots of recipes, including one yummy looking one Lorenza sent to us!

Hope everyone is well. The weekend is almost here and Mom's summer vacation has come to an end. Back to work 5 days a week for her. Boo :(

Hugs to all!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Marbled Bark


Last night, we helped mom make some Marbled Chocolate Bark. Wait a minute. What is wrong with this? Chocolate? We helped make something chocolaty, but never fear my friends... we were not allowed to taste test.... well, not exactly. (You may remember I helped Mom make this before.)

See mom and dad are going over to some friend's house tonight and they made this to take. Wait a minute. What is wrong with this? Notice, I said Mom and Dad, not US! Sigh.

So, we helped make something that we can't taste and we helped make something for them to take where we can't go. Sigh. I think we got robbed.

So, let's see what we made.
Yummmmy right? We were fortunate that Mom had some honey graham crackers in the pantry. So, we got to sample that. At least we were rewarded for our efforts, right? Here we are accepting our treats (Note CM finally sat calmly to take her prize... normally she turns into a jumping blur!!! You can really tell who takes treats like a true southern bell.... Notice you see her teeth, but not mine, HA ROOO!)

Well... Hope you all are having a great weekend and hope you were not tortured or tricked into helping your parents make something that not only you can't have, but you can't go where they are taking it. Hrumph! At least we overheard Mom say that she bought us more bully sticks.