Tuesday, September 15, 2009

That's Mine!

Wooo my friends...

I know, we have been slackers. Mom has been busy with work and stuff and has neglected assisting us with updating our blog. All is well, no worries!

The other day I was accused by Tia for taking something of hers. Perhaps the accusation was true, but there is no photo of the event happening. So if there isn't proof, I can never be found guilty, right?

Anywoo, here is what happened. Mom went to the store and bought Tia some of her special canned food. Let's have a look...

She looks pretty happy right? So, mom took "said" cans back to the kitchen and proceeded to open one and place her amount that she gets on a plate. She walked away for 2 seconds and when she returned, the food on the plate disappeared. "Gasp" she said, then looked at ME! Me! Are you kidding? I would NEVER steal cat food off the kitchen counter. She disagreed. Seriously... how can you doubt this face?

So do you think I am at fault? I don't think she has a case. She doesn't have any proof.

Puppy Woos,
Cornelia Marie