Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Gotcha Day Cornelia Marie

Two years ago today, Mom, Dad, and I went to a place called Memphis, TN. I had no idea what we were doing, but it was a road trip and I love those!

We got there and met lots of cool bipeds and these crazy little fuzzy ones...
Now... this was when they were CALM! And when they were trying to bite everything in sight... I tried to get away from them.
So the next day .... we were all outside and the little red one got up on the table to get her nails done.
Then I had some one on one time with her...
Little did I know this was about to happen....
Wait a minute... she is in my jeep! What is going on here? And see how her mouth is open? Yeah she was yelling. Alot. All the way from TN to GA... 7 hours or so in the Jeep. Yell Yell Yell. And she still does it now. But to tell you the truth... I would not trade a single day of it. She is my little sister, Cornelia Marie. Happy Gotcha day wee one.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Hugs & Puppy Woos,
Sitka & Cornelia Marie

Friday, July 2, 2010

Cat in a Bag?

Meow my friends...

A month ago, Mom was getting ready to go on a trip with her friends. She pulled out her bags and had plans to put her monogram on them. However, before she could get them to the embroidery machine, I intervened! Oh, these photos are courtesy of the iMeow (Yeah, the Sibes call it an iWoo, mom calls it an iPhone... I think I am right)...

What? I am simply trying to help!

I mean, if Mom didn't have me to help, how would she get anything accomplished?
Hope you all have a great weekend and a Happy 4th of July!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mad Surfing Skills


So while Sitka was still healing from her lung surgery, Mom and Dad slept on an air mattress at night to be near Sitka. I think I got the sweetest deal out of it, because I figured out in a matter of moments that you could surf on those things. It was really fun. All mom had was her iWoo (iPhone) and the lights were turned down... but woo will get the idea!

Fun huh?

Puppy Woos,
Cornelia Marie

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I gotta wear shades...

Wooo Puppers....

So a while ago, Dad was playing around with me. Mom snagged this photo with her iWoo (ok, it is technically an iPhone, but I personally like iWoo better). My future is so bright, I gotta wear shades...
.... I must admit.... I don't sport them as well as my sisters boyfriend, Zim, and his brother, Dave, does. I think they both are super talented to be able to keep on their glasses without human assistance!!! Check out Zim by clicking here, and here, and Dave, by clicking here!

Have a great Saturday!!!
Puppy Woos,
Cornelia Marie

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Well... we are back. Thank you all for the sweet comments wondering where on earth we went to. We did not intend to take a break from blogging... it sorta happened. With my recovery, I ended up hogging alot of mom's time and that prevented us from blogging. Mom has also been very busy with work and stuff so that has taken her away from helping us type on the Mac. Anyroo... we are sorry for leaving our friends hanging. We hope to get back on schedule on blogging AND reading your blogs. We just hope you all haven't forgotten about us!!!

Anyroo, between all of the running around and healing and stuff... Mom found time a few weeks ago to go to a place called Hilton Head Island with her friends. Rest assured, she did not forget about us. There is a cool store called Tail-Waggers that Mom has actually taken me to once before.

So.... I wanted to share with you the treats that Mom brought back for Cornelia Marie and myself!
Aren't they too cute to eat? Oh no worries.....

Now you see it...
Now you don't....

Look at CM's chompers...

CM was very careful to get the icing all over MY bed!

SO... we didn't get to go run in the sand and play in the ocean... BUT we got these cool treats out of the deal!

Oh, and if you are wondering... I am doing VERY WELL from my surgery in February. My fur is coming back in nicely. I still have a mohawk, but it isn't as noticeable. I will see if Mom can get some recent outside photos of me so you can see :)

Well... Hope you all are doing well... and we are going to catch up on reading now... we may not comment on all of the posts. Hope you understand!


Friday, April 2, 2010

Our Cherry Tree

Woo Everypup!!!

Mom and I were just outside and our Cherry Tree's blossoms have started opening up. I think Mom told me it is a Yoshino Cherry Tree. Anyroo, I wanted to share a few photos with you all that Mom took on her iPhone!

Here I am snooting the ground below the tree!

And here are the beautiful blooms!

We hope you are all having a beautiful Good Friday and hope you have a blessed Easter.

P.S. We really hate to do this, but we are going to have to turn on Comment Moderation for a while. We have been getting spammed pretty heavily and we don't want that on our blog, and more importantly, we don't want you all to accidentally click on a link that may turn out to be a virus from these spammers. We hope you understand and continue to leave comments!

Puppy Woos,
Cornelia Marie

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's my Birthday!

Hey Puppers and Kitties!

Sorry it has been so long since my last post. We have been in the mist of something called recovery. Apparently it is a long road. But I am doing pretty well with it, I must admit. Mom says we keep hitting speed bumps (although they are not all my fault) but we are trying to move through them.

Anyroo, today is my 6th birthday! Can woo believe it? I used to look like this:

Wasn't I a little cutie??? And here I am now... (well right before I got sick)...
Ahhh I love to give kisses to my mom!

Well I hope you are all doing well. I promise to post some photos of myself so you can see me with my cool mohawk!

Hugs to all,

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sitka is home

Thank you all, old and new friends, for your support through all of this. We got Sitka home yesterday and are still trying to adjust to everything right now. We really want to get around to all of your blogs and we will. It may take us some time. Also we really want to get to know our new friends who have come out to show support.

Here are a few photos of Sitka before we started our journey home from Athens.

Hugs and Puppy Woos,
Sitka and Cornelia Marie

Saturday, February 20, 2010

UGA Day 7: Morning Update, Possible Discharge

As always, I am remaining cautiously optimistic. Talked with the doctor this morning. He said we are going to plan on a discharge for Sitka tomorrow morning at 10am. He said she is flirting with her food, drinking plenty of water, urinating outside, no poo yet because she hasn't eaten. They are going to change her pain meds from morphine to something lesser. That should help with the nausea. The report on the lung fluid came back fine. White blood cells are fine. BUT it indicated some inflammation. They are doing an extra culture on that to rule out infection. He said nothing else about her points to an infection (temp ok, white blood cells fine, etc), but he wants to be safe. That will come back Mon/Tues. We were also told that when Sitka went out, she tried to frolic. Of course, she kept her calm, but she said that was very encouraging that she was feeling much better without the tubes.

My mom is coming tomorrow to babysit CM and attempt to expend energy from her. I think we have a plan of reintroducing them together. Hopefully it will work. It will help that we will outnumber the dogs so there will be a dog-less person to help pull back someone if needed.

I am SO happy, but I am SO nervous. I am ready for this, but not ready, know what I mean?

Oh, the one other thing they said was the ICU was very quiet this morning because alot of dogs were discharged yesterday. They said that has made a BIG difference in Sitka. And because of that, our doctor said that he feels confident that she will heal very well at home because she is used to a quieter environment. OH, one final thing. He said they normally xray before discharge, but he is not going to do that with Sitka because they would need to sedate as she gets very stressed, but he feels that there isn't any cause for concern as they did an xray yesterday when they took out the tubes.

Friday, February 19, 2010

UGA Day 6: Afternoon Update

Sitka's nurse just called with an update.

They pulled the chest tube and lung tube. They did sedate her to do so. They stapled the incision shut, put ointment, and bandaged her up. She has not produced any air over 36 hours, so the air detected Tues night into Wed was probably due to the chest tube. They can never be 100% sure what caused the air, but they speculate that it was the tube. She is not fully awake (still groggy), but is well on her way to being out from under it.

She said there is a good chance her eating may improve now that the tubes are gone. She said sometimes those tubes can kill their appetite because it is so painful.

They did take a sample of the fluid that was coming from the lung tube. They are going to do a test on it to look for any infection just to be on the safe side. They may get that back today, but heading into the weekend, it could be tomorrow/Monday.

The plan will be to get her back on her feet. Outside potty. Eating. Monday could be the day she could come home. But that is not set at this point. Just a speculation. Next update will be in the morning, unless they need to talk with us tonight.

Sitka sends thanks to The Husky Hill Pack for the yummy liverwurst! She should be looking forward to that when she has woken up! My husband told Sitka's nurse that she could have some liverwurst if she wanted some and she said it was the foulest thing she has ever smelled, LOL!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

UGA Day 5: A brief visit with Sitka

NEW UPDATE!!! Just got off the phone with Susan (8:15). Sitka ate some liverwurst AND lemon cake. That's my girl!!! Susan said the plan tomorrow is for her to make a goulash for her (with all that we brought), lol! She is now 100% on room air and is taking in 100% of the oxygen. The Path report shows the lung tissue surrounding a pneumothorax looks different under a microscope than other lung tissue. The lung tissue samples were labeled by location so that the pathologist was able to match the pneumothoraxic tissue by location. The path report was clean regarding cancer, parasites, etc. When we were there, we noticed the fur around her eyes was wet. We asked Susan what that was. She said they are using a sterile lube in/around her eyes to help keep them moist (because they have a tendency to dry out from the medication/stress).

I am glad we went up to see Sitka today. I really wasn't even planning to do it until the Doctor told us on Tuesday night if she didn't come home on Thursday that we should come see her because he thought it would help lift her spirits. She whined when she saw us. Gave Jeremy a little kiss. She laid her body into mine. We each only had 5 minutes to be with her as she is still in ICU. That 5 minutes went by like a bolt of lightning. We took her dog food, and all kinds of treats including Ginger Snaps, Lemon Cake, different types of dog treats, and Liverwurst. She seemed interested in the Liverwurst but never ate any. But the doctor thinks there MAY be a chance she eats some after we leave.

We will get an update in the morning. The hopeful plan is to take her off the chest tube. It hasn't pulled off any air since yesterday when they un/re bandaged her. No word on when she could come home. We are just taking it one day at a time. Still fluid draining from the chest cavity, but it is tapering off. The fluid is fairly clear (as opposed to cloudy, which would indicate infection). He said he hadn't seen her as rambunctious or as vocal (which was really just whining) as she was when we got there. He takes that as a good sign.

I miss my baby girl so much and I want her home with me. BUT I want her to get better so that she can come home with me. She is getting there, but it is taking longer than expected. Again, thank you all for your support through this. I feel like I am barely holding it together, but to hear all of your support for us, well, it really does help.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

UGA Day 4: Afternoon Update

Report from the Surgeon:

Throughout the course of the day (well beginning last night), they ended up taking off a liter of air. Because of that, they took off the bandages today and checked the incisions and chest tube. Put some extra ointment around that. Put her back on the chest pump, but she hasn't produced any air. The air they found earlier, they don't know where it came from. It could have been the incisions. It could have been the hole they thought the repaired. Or again, it could have been a different hole. They can't know because right now, there isn't any air coming out. What this means is we could be looking at a situation where there was another hole that resealed.

Jeremy asked if she now has a 50% chance of this happening to her again. He said probably not because they removed the abnormal/diseased tissue that usually is the cause for reoccurred.

It is too soon to say everything is fully patched up. They need to keep her monitored on the pump for the next 24 hours, possibly the next 48 hours.

He still thinks we should visit tomorrow. We can only visit 10 minutes each. No more than that due to the strict ICU rules.

He said this is not where he wanted us to be right now, but this is not necessarily bad. We just need to be cautious about it.

Report from Susan:

We just talked to Susan and she said the dry food they are trying to get Sitka to eat is the purina pro plan, chicken and rice. She tried warm water and Sitka sniffed and licked at the bowl, then turned her nose up at it. Jeremy asked if her not eating is a problem. She said no. She said truth be told, with all the pain meds she is on, it tends to make them nauseous. She said she is getting all the fluids she needs, but just doesn't feel like eating. She said to bring food from home and treats. It can't be a bad thing to see if it will help.

UGA Day 4, AM Update

She is doing well... but had a setback...

Spoke with Dr. Glassman just now. Starting at 8 PM last night, at Midnight, and at 4AM this morning, drew air out of her chest. The most it ever was about 60 mls. He said this is not a large amount of air compared to what he saw before (but it needs to be addressed). He said it is a bit discouraging, but at this point, they are not really sure it is coming from the lungs. If it were coming from the lungs, he feels like it would be more than that. He also said the fact that she didn't have any leakage for 24 hours after the surgery, makes him think it is not from the lungs. The most likely source is the chest tube itself. When she moves, there may be air getting in through the surrounding area of the tube.

This AM, they are going to unwrap the dressing and examine the tube site and see what it looks like. They are probably going to want to keep her for at least another 24 hours to see what happens. He said, alot of doctors would remove the tube at this point, but he is being more cautious about it at this point. They will leave the chest tube in at this point, unless they determine that is the source of the air entering. If it is the chest tube, they will remove it.

There is no evidence of infection. She has been up and exercising. She still hasn't eaten. Susan is going to try to give her warm water on her dry food and see if that would help. But the Doc doesn't know if that worked this morning. He thinks we need to visit tomorrow afternoon (need to be out by 6pm) and bring some treats/food from home and see if that makes a difference in her eating. Tomorrow is a surgery day, so he may not be available if we have questions. Also Susan may also be in surgery as well. There should be someone from the surgical team who will be there with us and if nothing else, he can call us back.

The exercise she has been doing is just going out and walking. They just monitor and see when she gets tired. Usually about 5-10 minutes.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

UGA Day 3: PM Update

We talked with Susan around 6. She said Sitka was holding her own and resting fine. They upped her pain meds today like we discussed this AM and that seems to have helped her. They tried to feed her this AM but she didn't want anything. Which is normal at this point in the recovery process. There is still some fluid draining from the tracheal tube. That is also not unexpected at this point. The chest tube is still in, but they are not seeing any more air leakage. And they are not using the pump anymore. She is still on oxygen. Currently the reading is at 98%, which is very good at this point. The goal will be to get it to 100% by tomorrow. Last night and again this AM they tried reintroducing her to room air and she did ok. They will slowly reintroduce that. The incision they did is about 10 inches long. While that is a substantial incision, she is actually doing very well with it. Sometimes she rests on her side with her legs extended but they have noticed she spends alot of time actually laying on her chest, with her front legs in the "froggy doggy" pose. This indicates that the incision isn't causing her significant discomfort at this time. Overall they are "completely amazed" at her recovery. Today they took her outside to the exercise area where she walked around the entire enclosure and even got to a trot. Susan said that when she hits the cold air, you can tell she really enjoys it. Really not anything substantial to report just waiting for her to continue recovery.

Talked with Dr. Glassman around 730. He thinks either he misspoke or we misunderstood something he said last night. He was certain there was only one hole (bullae) which they fixed. We thought he said there was another that potentially resealed, but he is certain that was not the case. He thinks the surgery was very successful and is glad they decided to do the larger incision and a full lung exam because that is the only way they would have found the additional abnormal lung tissues that they removed. That should head off problems in the future. The goal for tomorrow is to get the chest tube out. If the chest tube is ready to come out, the fluid she is producing continues to reduce, and they can get her to eat, she could be ready to come home Thursday. If she is not ready to come home on Thursday, they will still likely remove her from ICU and let her stay in the regular ward. IF she doesn't come home on Thursday, he thinks a visit from us may be helpful as he gets the impression that she misses us. He did say she was doing very well.

When she gets home, she will have limits (ex. no stairs). Dr. Glassman is confident that she will "self limit" a good bit too. In his experience dog who have this kind of surgery can tell their limitations alot better than dogs who have other procedures, like knee surgeries for example. He is fairly certain she will still be tender around her sternum and will no want to be touched there. In terms of reintroducing her to CM, he doesn't think it will be tough. He said he would be more worried if we had multiple dogs (pack mentality kicks in, etc). He thinks Sitka may be a little touchy but as long as she and CM can smell and see each other they will probably be fine. He also said dogs have a way of letting you know how much contact to allow. His advice was to go slow.

Snow, Feb 12 and 13, 2010

With all that has happened, we have not had a chance to share our snow pics with you all from last Friday and Saturday. Cornelia Marie tugged at me and said that she wanted to share, so I am going to turn this post over to her.

Wooo my friends. Friday, we sat around ALL day waiting on the "so called 2-6 inches of snow". By lunch time, we were about to give up. Rain started. Yuck. Then, guess what... sleet... and then that white fluffy stuff! It was SOOO fun and our backyard became a winter wonderland. EVEN Tia ventured out to check things out. Can you believe it?? I want to post some photos of our fun for you all to enjoy because I think we need something to smile about while we send my sister some healing vibes. And we do appreciate all of your comments - from old friends and new ones as well. They mean so much to all of us!

We are posting one photo of each of us, but in addition, we decided to put the photos in a slide show because in looking in the album of over 150, we picked out about 28 to share and that is to many to post in the blog. Hope you enjoy them!

And now the slideshow....

And again, we appreciate all of your thoughts for Tia and my sister. We can't want for her to be home with us again.

Puppy Woos,
Cornelia Marie

Day 3: UGA AM Update on Sitka

I just spoke with Sitka's nurse/tech. She is more alert this morning than last night when we talked with her at 9:30. Sitka is also grumpy. So they will increase her pain meds a little to help with that. They don't want her to stress.

The incision area looks good this AM. The fluid from her chest tube (post opp fluid from inflammation) has gone from 75mls to 17mls. Leaving in the chest tube - that is how they are giving the anesthetic.

BP is normal. No sign of heart arrhythmia. Recovery is going as they expect it to at this point. They took her out on the cart last night to urinate, which she did not. Susan went to put her on the cart this morning and she was not having any of that. So, she walked out on a leash. No urination, but she did get a little trot in her step. To which Susan told me, "Yup! They do like the cold!"

Not sure of when she can come home. Couple of days ... up to 5. Just will have to see how her recovery is going to make a decision.

She is in ICU and will remain there until discharge. She is right at the main desk, so someone always can see her. She does much better if someone is right next to her. Not sure about visiting her.... Susan is asking to see if that is a possibility in the next few days. I don't want her to stress or get excited, but I know she will have to see me at some point and we will have to cross that bridge.

My concern is keeping CM calm when she sees Sitka for the first time. CM is going through some separation issues right now that I am trying to figure out the best way to work with her on that. She yells even if I walk into a room she can't go in. That is not the case generally.

I can't thank you all enough for your support. I try to thank you all individually, but I know there may be some comments I miss responding on. But know, I really appreciate your support, thoughts, and words.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sitka is out of Surger

Report from Dr. Glassman at UGA just about 10 minutes ago.... Have a few other questions that have popped up, but we will ask when we receive another call tonight.

Ok... here is the report.

He told us he was sorry it took so long to call... but she is fine.

Initially when they went in, could not see any bubbling, even from the bulla they knew was ruptured. They ended up looking at ALL lung lobes and found several bullae most in the Left cranial lobe area of the lung. They found two dime sized bullae on the left cranial lobe that didn't appear ruptured (although they looked to be on the CT from earlier today) but were abnormally inflamed. So they removed a portion of her left lung - a 1-2 centimeter size.

On the right side. They did fine one hole that did not show up on the CT. They fixed this one. So, this is why he was very glad they took their time in looking over ALL areas of her lungs. So they removed 1/4 of one lobe on the right. (I think dogs have 2-4 lobes on each lung - and you can be fine without all lobes).

The areas they removed are called Eosinophils, which are abnormal cells which can indicate irritation or infection or parasites. He did confirmed that Sitka was on heartworm medication. He also said that the percentage that they saw on her was 2 or 3 % and sometimes there are no cause for them. Dogs just have that abnormal tissue growth. But they will know for sure after the path report comes back.

He said that he thinks she may have had another ruptured bullae somewhere that resealed itself since they have had her in the oxygen container and on the chest tube pump.

For now, there are no leaks in her lungs. They left her open for a short amount of time to make sure so they would not have to staple her shut then reopen the incision.

She is still sedated. But she appears to be tolerating it very well. No heart arrhythmia apparent. Breathing is good. Still has the chest tube however. They are going to keep her over night on a local anesthetic for the chest area for pain.

He would have preferred to go in using the scope, but he had to do a larger incision to get the abnormalities out. Other than the bullae disease, they did not see any other abnormalities but they are submitting the tissue they removed to pathology just in case.

They did do the tracheal wash. In doing that they noticed some inflammation of her trachea. This could be some sort of infection but he thinks it may be from all of the huffing/puffing she has done over the past couple of days.

Sitka is in Surgery

The Dr. called from UGA. They sedated her for the CT exam. It showed one ruptured bullae but given the amount of air surrounding her lungs, that indicates that there is another rupture somewhere but it didn't show on the CT. So instead on pulling her out of sedation, they are going ahead with surgery. They will insert a fluid into her lungs to find the other rupture(s). Kind of like putting soapy water on a car tire to see where the leak is. They think this was caused by "bullae disease" but in her case, it was spontaneous (as they see this more in trauma patients - such as being hit by a car, etc). Good news is the doctor said, and I quote, "There is a 90% chance this will not happen again." And it wasn't caused by any of the other bad stuff, like cancer, etc.

They will touch base with us after surgery, and throughout the evening as she is in recovery.

Send those prayers....

Day 2, 2nd AM update from Soft Tissue Surgeon

Sitka is doing fine this am. Appears comfortable, still under narcotics. A lot of pain right now is associated with chest tube. Having something stuck in you is painful. Heart rate is normal and she is handling the tube ok.

Heart arrhythmia – this is what happening – some of the contractions that start on the top of her heart are not going to the bottom. “It is not worth worrying about”. Will look at it later if need be. It is the kind that they may do short term meds, but they think it will correct on it’s own. Doesn’t think it is congenital. Things it developed with the stress. They see with dogs who have this condition, it messes with the nerves around the heart and this can occur. He feels it will resolve itself.

He is certain of what the problem is. He is certain she does not have asthma. He thinks what happened is the Bulla of the lungs…. This is what inflates the lungs – he thinks one burst. When she breathes in, air would normally go into that sac (the bulla), but since it burst, air is going through it and surrounding the lungs. He said there are many cases of this involving Siberians. They call it spontaneous pneumothorx. Doing the suction pump, there is a 50% chance it could happen again. They find with Siberians that they leave them with the pump, and they never really get better. The way to fix it and not lead to a reoccurrence is to go in, find it, and fix it.

They did more xrays. There is no evidence of any tumor. They have ruled out cancer.

Next course of action. Tracheal wash. Flush solution down her throat and suction it back out and do a culture. Reason: Determine if she has an infection, which can cause a bulla to rupture. They are also doing blood work this AM and that will show the white blood count. He is not certain that the elevated white count on Sat night means an infection. It could have been stress. She may not have an infection, but they are going to 100% rule it out before going forward.

Next step is to do a CT scan of the lungs. Reason: they can pinpoint where the ruptured bulla is. Then they can go directly in and fix it. If nothing shows up on the scan, then they go in and do a thoracoscopy. They would stick a camera in and see if they see the rupture. To be sure, they also may put fluid into the lungs and see where the saline bubbles out. This would also show them where the rupture is.

All told – What they intend to do… if everything is as they expect, they will do the CT scan and the thoracoscopy 11-12. We should hear back from them around 12:15. He would let us know before they do any kind of surgery on her so we are in the loop.

Jeremy asked about surgery – what kind of procedure. He said it varies. It is as simple as slipping a wire in and repairing it. Sometimes they have to open an incision and fix it. He said it sounds more invasive than it is and amazingly dogs respond better to that surgery than humans do. Nothing we should be worried about if this is what they have to do.

Jeremy also asked – if able to repair the ruptured bulla – what are the chances we would go through this again – he said probably won’t. This is generally a onetime thing. Among dogs in general, the reoccurrence of this is 10%.

In terms of complications in surgery repairing the bulla – they look for risk of leakage after the surgery. Will need to monitor her for a while after to make sure. Also there is an infection risk after any surgery. The most common place they see ruptured bullas, is on the tips of the lungs. That makes for a less invasive surgery. Another complication – this is a delicate surgery but would have to put her under general aesthetic. They don’t expect any complications from general aesthetic from what they have seen of her, but there is always a chance.

In terms of the infection. Looked hard on the xrays. Usually the infected tissue will show up and they see no evidence of that yet.

Long-term prognosis – they feel they can fix this with surgery. He said at this point, the problem to figure out is why the rupture happened. He said it can be completely spontaneous. What can cause it is: a foreign object, he has seen them inhale a blade of grass/small pebble/etc and that cause an obstruction that messes things up. Sometimes it can be an infection. That will cause the tissue to be inflamed and cause a rupture. Another thing is you can get a tumor that causes it, but with her, they have ruled that out.

He said if there are multiple bursts, then they may have to take out a portion of one of the lobes of the lung. Each lung has three or folds of lung tissue that are fanned out. Sometimes if there is a large or bad rupture, you have to remove the lobe that it is on. No long term complications if this is the case.

Prayers for Sitka

Hi to all of our friends... Some of you are aware of this per Facebook, but to those who are not on Facebook, I wanted to let all of my furkids friends know what is going on with Sitka. We had to rush her to the University of Georgia Veterinary school yesterday in a life or death situation. Below are the updates I have posted on Facebook. I will hope to continue to post the updates to the girls' blog as we continue to receive more information on Sitka's condition.

Thank you all for your prayers through this difficult time. We are not out of the woods.

Day 1: ER Vet and Trip to UGA
First off, I want to thank everyone who has commended on my posts and my friends posts wishing us good thoughts and healing vibes for our daughter, Sitka. I would also like to thank Veronica, her husband Randy, my Mom and Dad for coming to UGA's ve school today to be with Jeremy, Cornelia Marie, and myself. Karen, Penny, Shelly, Valerie, Andrea, and Tiffany - thank you for your calming thoughts and conversations yesterday and today. And to everyone else with your text messages and personal emails, they mean more to us than you can imagine right now. And I promise to respond to all of them.

Friday night Sitka started to dry heave. By Saturday Morning she was having some odd breathing. We took her to the vet and she suspected acid reflux. Saturday continued, and breathing got worse. Took her to ER vet in Gray (Dr. Gadd) and received the best treatment. Treated for asthma and the onset of pneumonia as that was what her films and actions were showing. This morning, she was getting worse. We called Dr. Gadd and she met us at her clinic. The hope/plan was to admit her for IV steroid treatment. After more chest xrays, she was getting worse. We got her referred to UGA Vet School and made the hardest drive that we ever could. We were racing the clock as there was a significant chance that Sitka could die on the drive. I thank my husband for being strong holding her in the back of our Jeep, for Cornelia Marie staying close to Sitka, and to God for providing me the strength I needed and for getting us all safely to Athens.

At this point, we don't have any firm answers. But we are on the way to them. The diagnosis now is that it is not asthma. She has a tear somewhere that is allowing air to fill around her lungs. More than a gallon of air has been drained from around them. They are currently inserting a chest tube to help remove the air from her until tomorrow. Tomorrow will begin the search to see where the tear is.

My three furry animals are my children. I would move heaven and earth to get them the care they need. God gave Sitka the strength to fight on the drive to Athens. We thought about 30 min away that we were about to lose her. But God got us there and helped Sitka to fight. Now she is in the hands of some of the best vets around.

She is stable, but is still very critical. We are not out of the woods yet. Please keep those positive vibes and thoughts coming. We need each and every one of them. She will be 6 in March and is too young to leave this world. I feel like I have been hit by a mac truck. Friday, Sitka was such a happy girl, playing in the snow and enjoying life. Last night and today, she was literally fighting for her life. Life can change THAT fast.

I love you Sitka. I am here for you, though I am 2 hours away. I am staying strong for you and want you to get better and come home to your family. You be the best patient you can be and do your job with the vets to get back on your feet and home to us. I love you my sweet daughter.

Day 1: (Sun) 7:30 pm Update:

7:30 pm update (Last of the night):

Chest Tube is in and the air pump is running. Breathing is almost back to normal. Heart rate is normal. But this is due to the chest tube/pump. She has her head up and is looking around. She is on a narcotic for pain. This has been sufficient to keep her calm. We asked about the incision they made for the chest tube. She said it was only about a centimeter, but they went ahead and shaved her chest almost bald for sanitary sake. They have not been able to determine the cause or location of the tear, but they will work on that tomorrow. Coincidentally, they have had some other similar cases involving Siberian Huskies. While some dogs don't require surgery to fix this, they have found Siberians that they have treated tended to require surgery. We are not out of the woods yet, but they are feeling better about her condition compared to what they saw at noon today when we got her there. There is a team of techs and a doctor on call through the night and someone is with her at all times (which is a HUGE relief to me). She is also receiving IV fluids and is urinating alot. We will know more when the doctors call back in the morning between 730 and 8 and will go from there. Pray they don't need us overnight.

Day 2 at UGA, AM Update:
Talked with the Dr. at UGA. She is resting comfortably. Her breathing stayed normal overnight. Her blood oxygen levels right now are not as high as they would like them to be. But are not critically bad either. They think this would be the result of either A. Some level of damage to the lungs or B. Some sort of lung disease (like asthma). She also seems to have a mild heart arrhythmia. They are not really worried about this as long as it doesn't effect her BP. Which it doesn't appear to. And she only seems to have the arrhythmia when she is asleep (when awake, it is nonexistent). Since she has never had an EKG, the doctor thinks it is possible she may have always had it, but they are going to continue to watch it. Haven't completely ruled out asthma. When they took the xrays of her lungs yesterday, they didn't look normal but one of today's jobs will to be determining whether that was caused by the air compression or asthma. At this time, we are just in a waiting/holding state for them to continue to do diagnostic work.

They will be having a team meeting this morning to decide whose case Sitka will be transferred to. Then we will hear from that doctor and get a report. Hopefully between 9-11 this morning.

I have posted two other updates from yesterday that tell what happened to get us to this point. So if by chance you are interested and missed those, please look in my notes to catch up.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Enjoying the Sun

Meow friends...

I hope your week is off to a great start!!! I had a great weekend with my family. Before that Super Bowl stuff came on, I was able to lure Mom to the door and let me out on the porch with my two sisters.

See, sometimes I like to go out on the porch and get some fresh air. Maybe sometimes bask in the warm sunshine. Only, I fooled Mom. I had other plans in mind. Check out my little video below...

Ha! That will show Mom! Don't you like how I paused at the top of the steps as if to say, "Mom, you see me?" So, once I got down on the grass, I totally upset Cornelia Marie. She has never seen me go outside before and she was really concerned for my safety.

Anymeow... I found some patches of cat nip and I was in heaven! Check out some of these iPhone photos :)
Ahhh, sunlight... and cat nip... does a kitty good!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hard Working Puppy

Wooo Friends,

I tell ya, it is hard work being the helpful puppy that I am! Not only do I have Executive Sous-Chef to add to my title, I have ... well, I am not sure what to call it. Table Putter Together Extraordinaire?

Anyroo, Mom bought a new pup table for the kitchen. And do you know who put it together? No, not me. Mom did, but I assisted. I inspected every piece of the furniture. And I supervised her handy work. You know, she may have not put it together properly if I had not been around.

Let's take a look at my handy work from mom's iPhone camera... (look closely in the 2nd photo... yup. That is Sitka. Doesn't look like she is working too hard, does it???).

Wow. That was alot of work! With bathroom breaks, it took Mom right over an hour. She was pretty proud of herself. And do you want to know what thanks I got...

Yeah right! Chicken? Pesto Noodles? Wine? Not on your life. I did get plenty of head rubbies, and bellie rubbies. OH, I did get extra treats :) I still think I should have gotten a tiny taste of chicken. Oh wait. I did :)

Hope your week is going well!
Puppy Woos,
Cornelia Marie

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Meowday to Me!

Meows all my friends!

Today is a very special day in my house. Do you want to know why? It is my 17th Birthday. Now, let me ask you. I don't look like a 17 year old kit-cat do I???

Would you like to know how I am spending my day? See, my Mom and Storm's Mom were talking and there was mention that Storm and Zim should come over to my house to have a big birthday bash. You know, do all the things we can't do - raid the fridge, toss toilet paper all over the house, zoomies until we can't zoom anymore... that sorta stuff.

Well, Storm and I intercepted our parent's emails and saw that no real plans were made to transport us to see each other, so we took matters into our own paws. I made my way to Kansas while Mom was at work.

Check us out!

Don't we look like a couple of lovely ladies? My BFF Storm is so sweet to ask for a group birthday song for me, isn't she?

Well, I had a meowtastic time on my secret trip to Kansas to see Storm (and no worries, I said my meows to the rest of the Ao4). Time now for a nap. Traveling can be exhausting, meow!!!

Thank you all in advance for the lovely birthday wishes! I appreciate each and every one of them!


Monday, January 18, 2010


Wooo Friends,

Recently I have had alot on my mind. I have been talking, talking, talking to Mom. She is unsure of exactly what I am saying, but I like to keep her guessing. Wanna hear some of what I have been saying?

Puppy Woos,
Cornelia Marie

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome Twenty Ten!

Wooo Friends...

We all want to wish you a Happy New Year! We hope this year, 2010, brings much love and happiness to you all. And I would like to remind all of the humans out there who think fireworks at 1 am (when I am trying to snooze) are cool ... these are the only fireworks that are acceptable (in a photograph!!!).
Happy New Year! And Happy Birthday to MY Zimmie Man! He turned 10 today in the year 2010. Ha rooo!!!!

Hugs, Meows, and Puppy Woos,
Sitka, Tia and Cornelia Marie