Tuesday, February 16, 2010

UGA Day 3: PM Update

We talked with Susan around 6. She said Sitka was holding her own and resting fine. They upped her pain meds today like we discussed this AM and that seems to have helped her. They tried to feed her this AM but she didn't want anything. Which is normal at this point in the recovery process. There is still some fluid draining from the tracheal tube. That is also not unexpected at this point. The chest tube is still in, but they are not seeing any more air leakage. And they are not using the pump anymore. She is still on oxygen. Currently the reading is at 98%, which is very good at this point. The goal will be to get it to 100% by tomorrow. Last night and again this AM they tried reintroducing her to room air and she did ok. They will slowly reintroduce that. The incision they did is about 10 inches long. While that is a substantial incision, she is actually doing very well with it. Sometimes she rests on her side with her legs extended but they have noticed she spends alot of time actually laying on her chest, with her front legs in the "froggy doggy" pose. This indicates that the incision isn't causing her significant discomfort at this time. Overall they are "completely amazed" at her recovery. Today they took her outside to the exercise area where she walked around the entire enclosure and even got to a trot. Susan said that when she hits the cold air, you can tell she really enjoys it. Really not anything substantial to report just waiting for her to continue recovery.

Talked with Dr. Glassman around 730. He thinks either he misspoke or we misunderstood something he said last night. He was certain there was only one hole (bullae) which they fixed. We thought he said there was another that potentially resealed, but he is certain that was not the case. He thinks the surgery was very successful and is glad they decided to do the larger incision and a full lung exam because that is the only way they would have found the additional abnormal lung tissues that they removed. That should head off problems in the future. The goal for tomorrow is to get the chest tube out. If the chest tube is ready to come out, the fluid she is producing continues to reduce, and they can get her to eat, she could be ready to come home Thursday. If she is not ready to come home on Thursday, they will still likely remove her from ICU and let her stay in the regular ward. IF she doesn't come home on Thursday, he thinks a visit from us may be helpful as he gets the impression that she misses us. He did say she was doing very well.

When she gets home, she will have limits (ex. no stairs). Dr. Glassman is confident that she will "self limit" a good bit too. In his experience dog who have this kind of surgery can tell their limitations alot better than dogs who have other procedures, like knee surgeries for example. He is fairly certain she will still be tender around her sternum and will no want to be touched there. In terms of reintroducing her to CM, he doesn't think it will be tough. He said he would be more worried if we had multiple dogs (pack mentality kicks in, etc). He thinks Sitka may be a little touchy but as long as she and CM can smell and see each other they will probably be fine. He also said dogs have a way of letting you know how much contact to allow. His advice was to go slow.


Randi said...

So thankful Sitka is up & trotting around a bit! That's great news! You've all had a stressful last few days...hopefully you can all get some much needed rest tonight...


Love & Licks,
Randi & her peoples

The Army of Four said...

Sitka! Do you have a laptop or iPhone in ICU?!? If so, know that I'm laying in a froggy-doggy pose right now, too - thinking about YOU!!!
Prayers continuing!
Play bows,

Holly and Khady said...

Great news! I'm so glad she is getting such wonderful care and coming along so well! It's just mentally and emotionally draining when one of us is sick. We are sending lots and lots of hugs via the angels who are watching over Sitka!

AND, lots of hugs to the rest of you to! Hang in there! She will be home soon!

Holly and Khady Lynn

Deborah said...

I am hoping Sitka gets well real soon!

Elyse K said...

I am glad to read that Sitka is doing better today! I'm with Zim - prayers continuing!

Ozzie the OZmonster & Zowie said...

Horoooo! My wooos have been answered. I am so happy Sitka has gotten a trot in. She sounds like she is well on her way. We are all so thankful. It's nice to hear a good story. I am really thankful the Dr said he thought she was doing very well. Even though John and Kelly root for Ole Miss, GO DAWGS!


Cyber-sibes said...

You go (slowly), girl! Good update!

jack + moo

Lorenza said...

Glad to know Sitka is doing well.
I really hope she can come home soon!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Maggie and Mitch said...

We continue to send TONS of AireZen your way, Sitka. We can't wait till you can come home and be with CM and your family again!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Life With Dogs said...

I just caught up on your ordeal - and had never heard of any such thing! So sorry you are going through this. I can actually relate - I did the same holding in a sneeze once!
In any event, I'll be cautiously optimistic and say this is pretty good news so far...